3D Printing/AM China 2012

China is growing more innovative. Research and development spending are increasing dramatically and so are patent filings. Great efforts are being made to promote enterprise-led innovation. New ideas and creative thinkings are encouraged and appreciated, reflecting the nation's commitment to build a more balanced and innovative economy.

3D printing/AM is a good solution to the products development in China. With better quality, saved time and reduced cost, a growing market for 3D printing/AM is expected. Personal and desktop printers are also taking momentum due the size of student and young population of the country.

3D PRINTING/AM CHINA 2012, the first of its kind, aims at promoting applications of 3D printing/AM. It is also a good business opportunity to meet customers.


  • The first event of its kind in China to introduce 3D printing and AM technologies.
  • Speakers are from leading research institutes, manufacturer and university at home and overseas.
  • Demonstrate the application of 3D printing and AM in various industries including industrial design, healthcare, automobile, aerospace, jewelry, footwear, cultural relic preservation, education, arts and etc.
  • Showcase of latest 3D printing and AM equipment, software, materials and service.
  • Extensive side events such as 3D printing in middle school education, 3D printing for digital arts and 3D printing for digital implant.

Conference  Agenda

Day One, May 30
7:30-9:00  Conference delegate registration
9:00-9:40  Welcome speech
9:40-10:00  Coffee break
10:00-12:15  Keynote

  • 3D printing: an industrial revolution in the digital age
  • 2011 global 3d printing/AM market analysis
  • China’s 3d printing market and trend
  • IPR and other law issue facing 3d printing and personal factory

12:15-13:30  Lunch

13:30-16:45  3D Printing: Medical & Bioengineering

  • Case study: world first 3D printed titanium jaw transplant
  • 3D printing application in medicine: current and future
  • Manufacturing innovative medical products with AM
  • 3D technology and digital dental implant
  • Surgical guides based on 3D printing technology
  • Scaffold development using 3D printing
  • Micro manufacturing: microjet free form fabrication and new material
  • Skull defects repair using AM

16:45-17:15 Panel discussion: 3D printing technology in China

Day two, May 31
9:00-12:15 3D Printing:maximize design potential

  • 3D printing: a new impetus for industrial design
  • 3D printing technology in automobile design
  • 3D printing in fine arts
  • Application in architecture: printing real house
  • Building 3D replica of King Tut’s mummy
  • 3D office printer for professionals
  • Additive to design-thinking, designing and engineering in layers
  • 3D printing is changing jewelry design business
  • Footwear prototyping in 3D printing

12:15-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 3D printing for the consumer market

  • Printing at home: the coming of personal factory
  • Personal 3d printer based on RepRap
  • Every classroom has a 3d printer
  • Online 3d printing service: a new business model
  • Free, online, user-friendly 3d modeling software

15:00-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-17:15 3D printing making end products

  • Making concept car with 3D printing/AM
  • The sintering of titanium using SLS technology
  • New technological and commercial advantages for small series production by selective laser melting
  • Powders for SLS for aerospace applications
  • Complex aerospace parts making with powder metal sintering technology
  • Making metal-steel mold based on selective laser sintering

For more information, visit: www.3dpchina.com

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