Z Corporation and Kodama Studios Introduce "My Robot Nation," 3D Creation for Everyone, at SIGGRAPH 2011

While many invoke the vision of 3D printers in the home, the reality is that until now, the ability to design and print your own creations in 3D has required expert knowledge in 3D CAD software. Mark Danks and Sarah Stocker, game industry veterans and the founders of Kodama Studios, are changing that.

Leveraging their unique experience in video game development and the latest browser technologies in HTML5.0 and WebGL, Kodama has put the joy of play into creating in 3D. Their solution utilizes the unique speed, affordability and multicolor printing capabilities of Z Corporation 3D printers.

During SIGGRAPH 2011, Kodama and premium Z Corporation printer Offload Studios will be demonstrating this new browser-based 3D creator in an exclusive preview of MyRobotNation.com, in the Z Corporation booth #913. Attendees will see firsthand how virtually anyone, not just experienced designers, can easily design their own personalized 3D creation that can then be printed as a high-quality figurine, in vibrant color, on a ZPrinter.

Z Corporation, whose 3D printers are already being used to create animation characters for Pixar and personalized avatars for World of Warcraft gamers, will also demonstrate how its 3D scanning and printing technology is expanding creative possibilities for computer graphics professionals.

Who – Z Corporation, Z Corporation channel partner Peak Solutions LLC, and Kodama Studios

What – SIGGRAPH 2011

When – August 9-11, 2011

Where – Vancouver Convention Centre, Z Corporation Booth #913

Z Corporation 3D technologies help product designers, engineers and architects create the right designs the first time. Professionals use ZPrinter® 3D printers, ZBuilder™ Ultra rapid prototyping machines and ZScanner® 3D laser scanners to compress the design cycle, generate new concepts, communicate clearly, foster collaboration, and reduce errors. These solutions span the entire 3D CAD/BIM design process from concept through design verification.

For more information, visit www.zcorp.com or www.siggraph.org/s2011

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