Wasp Project Announces 12 Meter Tall 3D Printer

The world’s largest delta 3D printer - standing at 12 meters tall - is no longer just a research project but it is now a reality. The team behind this project is WASP, a Ravenna, Italy based enterprise and leader in the world of architectural 3D printing.

The giant 3D printer named BigDelta will be presented during a three day rally event, along with workshops, conferences, concerts and shows that will liven up the final unraveling of this dream.

Building BigDelta is much more than a dream come true if we consider that by 2030, international estimates foresee a rapid growth of adequate housing requirements for over 4 billion people living with yearly income below $3,000. The United Nations calculated that over the next 15 years there will be an average daily requirement of 100.000 new housing units to meet this demand.

Over the past years WASP has made the very idea of auto production and shared knowledge the heart of its project. The company proposes a vision that goes well beyond that of low cost housing. We are talking about the MakerEconomy, a new model where everything can be self manufactured through shared solutions, These leverage on 3D printing and are tied to meeting life’s primary necessities: work, health and housing.

“Reality of dream” is the name of the three day rally that will see philosophical reasoning meet technology and sustainable progress to permeate all activities during the course of the event. There will also be a space for the arts: BigDelta will become the stage for the theatrical Shamballa show, presented at the Rigodon Theatre, written and directed by Alessandro Cavoli.

Three days of innovation and sharing, from September 18th to the 20th. The detailed program of the event is being finalized an will soon be made public.

For more information, visit: www.wasproject.it


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