VizUp 3.8.4 has been released

VizUp Features:

* High quality of complex model optimization
* Extremely simple and user-friendly
* Optimization is performed automatically, no parameter tuning necessary
* Decrease the number of polygons dramatically without loosing quality
* Perform optimization only once - simultaneously for all possible reduction ratios
* Visual control for model tuning during the process of optimization
* Built-in 3D viewer is intuitive and lets you examine your model
* Batch mode reduction (available only in VizUp Ultimate)
* Supports Wavefront .OBJ, VRML 2.0/97 and StereoLitho (STL) file formats

Additions to VizUp 3.8.4

Improved support of advanced normals preservation method.
Improved StereoLitho (.STL) import/export.
Improved advanced shapes/groups processing function.
Improved texture borders preservation algorithm.
Improved texture borders processing algorithm.
Improved texture border preservation function.
Improved import/export of Wavefront .obj files.
Added support of 3GB RAM address space.
Save selected parts capability.
StereoLitho (.STL) import/export has been released.
Advanced reduction algorithm has been released.
Improved textures mapping quality (advanced algorithm).

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