UL Signs MOU With Taiwan to Collaborate on Globally Recognized Digitized Manufacturing Processes

UL announces the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan. UL will join Taiwan Industrial Development Board (IDB) organizations including the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the Plastic Industry Development Center (PIDC) in an effort to guide manufacturers through the development of globally recognized processes for digitized manufactured products and materials. The MOU was signed on July 22, 2015.

Specifically, the MOU will enable UL and IDB to work together in a broad range of areas, including 3D printing-related plastic materials validation, technology development, product and component testing, equipment measurement, calibration, research to inform the development of standards, and specialized training of the manufacturing labor force.

Through ITRI, UL's 3D printing training curriculum will be introduced to educate the local Taiwanese workforce on additive manufacturing-related design, production, management and safety. UL’s training and research will assist local companies in obtaining international certifications for their 3D printing equipment, helping to reducing the costs and timeframes associated with product validation. In addition, PIDC and UL will collaborate on the development and validation of plastic materials, including, but not limited to, plastic specimen fabrication, performance testing, and automotive aftermarket parts.

“UL's 3D printing and detection technology will be introduced to Taiwan, helping to enhance the capabilities of Taiwan's 3D printing industry and generate business opportunities worldwide for all involved,” said Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) Director-General Wu Ming-ji. “The MOU will also pave the way for the joint development of 3D printed plastic materials and the development of safer products that meet European and American verification regulations, thereby enabling rapid entry into those markets.”

UL’s presence in Taiwan has been expanding due to the research and development opportunities in the nation’s manufacturing industry since it was established more than 27 years ago. UL Taiwan has collaborated with IDB in the past, and IDB approached UL to establish a more formal relationship between the two institutions for the development and implementation of training, product validation and a digitized manufacturing process strategy.

“We welcome the opportunity to formally partner with ITRI and PIDC on safety and certification in digitized manufacturing,” said Ralph Tang, general manager, UL Taiwan. “This will enable UL to connect and work one-on-one with digitized manufacturers in Taiwan, advancing innovation and product quality.”

“As manufacturing industries continue to progress toward more customized production, UL is leading the facilitation of safe production through the development of compliance guidelines, training and quality assurance initiatives, allowing manufacturers to achieve product certification in a more timely manner,” added Simin Zhou, vice president of Digital Manufacturing Technologies, UL.

For more information, visit: www.ul.com

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