trinckle and Conrad Electronic Announce Partnership

3D printing is poised to fundamentally change manufacturing across all industries. From product development to production, this technology will serve as the basis for countless innovations. To harness the unparalleled potential of 3D printing for its customers, Conrad Electronic has partnered with trinckle 3D GmbH.

Founded in 2013 trinckle launched the first online 3D printing platform in Germany. Since then trinckle has established itself as a 3D printing provider, who offers industrial quality production in a wide range of materials and colors. 3D printing is still new for many customers, and trinckle’s platform provides the necessary support they need by integrating ordering and software tools, ensuring intuitive and easily accessible 3D printing for everyone. “Our print service platform is designed to facilitate a great customer experience. It is so simple to use. The model handling tools repair models, check printability and scalability, essentially guaranteeing that anyone can get the perfect print every time”, trinckle CEO, Florian Reichle.

This expertise is exactly what Conrad needed to ensure its next steps into the additive manufacturing space would add real value for customers: “We are extremely pleased to have found such a strong partner in trinckle 3D GmbH. Not only is trinckle well-established and innovative, but they also believe firmly in creating amazing customer experiences. With their help, we will be able to offer our clients top quality and truly high-end results. 3D printing offers almost unlimited new possibilities, and thanks to this partnership with trinckle we will be able to leverage them for our customers” Bastian Krä, Project Manager and Team Member at the Conrad Technologie Center. The basic idea of the new service is simply explained: you upload your 3D model to the new Conrad 3D printing service platform, your object is then printed on professional, industrial quality machines, and finally your object is sent to you without delay.

3D printing represents a natural extension of the Conrad Maker and Tekkie culture. trinckle’s print capabilities enable customers to create anything and everything from models to replacement components, enabling them to take full advantage of the age of digital DIY. The new 3D print service affords Conrad customers impressive benefits: the ability to produce totally individual items and enjoy unparalleled design freedom, production of single item batches, a wide selection of production materials in different colors, and all this with no set up costs.

The relevance of 3D printing only continues to grow, and together trinckle and Conrad are making digital production accessible for innovative businesses and hobbyists alike. “3D printing is more than just a production method, it will create and change production ecosystems and make the previously inconceivable, possible” Florian Reichle, CEO.

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