“ASK TRFA” Delivers the Answers

The website of the Thermoset Resin Formulators Association (TRFA) continues to invite the industry to “Ask TRFA” technical, logistics and management questions related to the thermoset resin industry.

Questions have ranged from such straightforward technical topics as “What is the definition of a structural adhesive?” to “What are the commonly used VOC exempt solvents (by EPA Method 24) in epoxies and urethanes? and “Where can I find information regarding compatibility between Thermoset and Thermo plastics used in the manufacturing of finished components?”

“Ask TRFA” is one of a handful of initiatives the association has launched to better serve its growing membership as well as the larger thermoset resin industry. TRFA is the only organization dedicated to serving the needs and interests of all thermoset formulators and has a broader focus than just epoxy.

Questions are submitted via the website.  After a review by legal counsel, questions are forwarded to the appropriate committee chairman for the committee to answer. Answers to general technical questions that do not involve confidential information or trade secrets will be posted on the website. Check back in four to six weeks to see the answer to your question. The “Ask TRFA” webpage contains only the most current questions and answers from “Ask TRFA.” Older questions and answers are a valuable resource available to TRFA members on the members-only website.

In addition to “Ask TRFA,” the association has compiled a substantial library of Technical Presentations, all of them available free-of-charge to association members via a members-only website, and to other interested individuals within the industry for purchase. An important list of more than 160 regulatory acronyms is also available on the public website. TRFA’s Regulatory Committee publishes Fact Sheets covering regulations that have been passed by governments and Issue Alerts, covering new issues, trends, etc., that are not yet regulations. These are available on the members-only website.

TRFA is comprised of thermoset formulators and fabricators, raw material suppliers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, manufacturer sales representatives of materials or equipment, importers of raw materials or processing or other equipment, consulting firms and academic institutions serving industries which include adhesives, coatings, civil engineering applications, electrical laminates, composites, tooling, castings and moldings.

For more information, visit: www.trfa.org/ask_trfa/index.aspx

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