Towson University brings the cutting edge to campus at Object Lab

Towson University’s College of Fine Arts and Communication, in partnership with the Department of Art + Design, Art History and Art Education, has established an on-campus Object Lab. The project received integral funding support from Marcia Welsh, interim president of Towson University.

Located in the Center for the Arts and managed by Associate Professor Jan Baum, the Object Lab is home to three-dimensional scanning and printing, laser cutting and CNC milling equipment.

The facility focuses on rapid prototyping and digital fabrication through reverse engineering, additive and subtractive prototyping and manufacturing technologies, and laser cutting.

Participating students will learn cutting-edge applications for industries that include aerospace and defense, consumer products, product development, prosthetics, dentistry, medicine, forensics, and art and design

Reverse engineering with three-dimensional scanning can digitize existing objects for manipulation and reproduction. For example, the technology can be used to scan an existing body part to make a matching prosthetic. Digitization can also be applied to dentistry, combat weapons, and other arenas, to determine how an object has failed and what is needed to improve performance.

Digital fabrication uses three-dimensional printers and milling machines to create parts and objects, directly applicable to rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Central to this technology is skill in three-dimensional modeling, which is taught alongside the lab.

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