TNG Visual Effects Announces Canadian Offices

TNG Visual Effects, an expert provider of 3D scanning and motion capture services, today announced TNG Visual Effects (North) with two new Canadian locations in Toronto and Vancouver offering 3D scanning services for clients on location.

Ron Bedard has been named partner and will manage the two Canadian offices.  He brings diverse scanning and photography expertise to the company.  His scanning experience includes dynamic objects such as humans and animals, automotive, aerospace, museum artifacts, medical, marine and clay models. Ron is also a professional photographer. Leveraging his extensive skill set, he specializes in laser and white-light scanning which is widely used in object and character acquisition.

“TNG Visual Effects (North) was opened to meet the growing demand of the Canadian market, increasing accessibility to our services for film, TV and game projects,” said Nick Tesi, founder of TNG Visual Effects. “This expansion also gives client productions the ability to claim tax incentives where available – a big driver in budget decisions.”

Founded by entertainment technology veteran Nick Tesi, TNG Visual Effects offers advanced 3D scanning and motion capture services for clients in film, TV, gaming and commercial industries in Los Angeles and on location around the world – on time and on budget.  TNG Visual Effects (North) provides on-location 3D scanning services throughout Toronto and Vancouver.

The TNG team offers the right mix of technological know-how, mobility, customer service, efficiency and affordability.  They understand how to work with producers, directors and A-list talent, making the most of their precious time and ensuring their understanding of the process.  The investment in digital models can be priceless for some productions – including those where talent is unavailable for reshoots or with long franchises where talents age over the series.  In addition to heads and bodies, the company also scans props such as weapons, buildings, vehicles and any other items needed by production.

TNG clients include Fox Studios, Summit Entertainment, Blur Studio, Acne Media Inc., Evergreen Productions, HBO, Stargate Studios, Spark Unlimited, Troublemaker Studios and Alvernia Studios, among others.

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