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TeraDiode introduced at Fabtech the TeraBlade-2000, a 2-kilowatt ultra-high brightness direct diode laser, specifically for cutting steel and other metals in industrial applications. Direct diode is inherently the lowest cost, most compact, and highest efficiency industrial laser; when used with wavelength beam combining (WBC), the laser also has the brightness previously provided only by larger, higher cost, and more power consuming fiber, disk, and CO2 lasers. Wavelength beam combining was invented and patented by MIT and is exclusively licensed to TeraDiode.

The TeraBlade 2000 operates at 970nm and has a 100-micron output fiber. The company expects to ship beta-level systems to multiple customers in the first half of next year. Due to its modular design, the TeraBlade platform is scalable up to 6kW to cover a wide range of applications in the cutting and welding markets; such higher power lasers will be introduced in the coming quarters.
Dr. Parviz Tayebati, CEO of TeraDiode stated, “WBC direct diode is the third generation of multi-kilowatt high brightness industrial lasers and a disruptive force in the industrial laser market.  The machine tool builders with whom we are closely collaborating recognize the simplicity of WBC compared to the first generation CO2 and second generation fiber and disk lasers.  No other laser technology can fundamentally compete with WBC for cost, size, efficiency and reliability in their high brightness applications.”

TeraDiode is the leader in developing direct diode laser technology for industrial and military applications. The company's technology, pioneered at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, has broken all records for combined power and beam quality from a direct diode laser. Many experts consider direct diode lasers to be the future of the industrial laser industry. TeraDiode is backed by investments from Stata Venture Partners, Argonaut Equity Partners, and Camros Capital.

For more information, visit: www.teradiode.com

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