Apex® RM 8911 High-Flow Rigid PVC for Injection Molding

A new rigid vinyl compound that exhibits substantially higher flow than standard injection molding grades of RPVC provides an economical alternative to engineering thermoplastics for large products such as appliance panels, thin-wall parts, and complex structures with elaborate flow paths.
New high-flow Apex® RM 8911 compound exhibits 25 to 50% greater flow in relative spiral flow (RSF) tests as compared with standard RPVC grades, while providing a high gloss finish. The compound is UL-94 recognized for applications requiring V-0 or 5 VA flammability ratings. It is strong, durable, chemical-resistant and offers low viscosity for ease of processing. Physical properties of Apex RM 8911 compound are listed in the accompanying table.
For customers with multiple international operations, Teknor Apex can supply identical Apex RM 8911 formulations worldwide from its PVC compounding plants in the U.S., Singapore, and Suzhou, China, noted Michael J. Renzi, business development manager for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex.
“Our new Apex RM 8911 compound is the latest in a growing range of RPVC products from Teknor Apex,” said Renzi. “Drawing on decades of experience with vinyl technology and on our expanded manufacturing capabilities, Teknor Apex is poised to become a major player in RPVC worldwide.”

For more information, visit: www.teknorapex.com

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