2012 Version of Tecplot® Chorus™ for Simulation Analytics Released

Tecplot, Inc. released the 2012 version of Tecplot® Chorus™, the company’s simulation analytics tool. This latest release offers improved data loader support, case management, and advance data extraction features.

“When we released Tecplot Chorus in the fall of last year, it had been developed in close collaboration with a core group of customers from world renowned aerospace organizations in the government and private sectors” said Mike Peery, Tecplot, Inc. chairman. "This time is no different: the enhancements released today are the direct result of customer input.”

Tecplot Chorus enables engineers to manage CFD projects by bringing together results from simulation cases, derived quantities, and plot images in a single environment. An engineer using Tecplot Chorus can evaluate overall system performance and visually compare tens, hundreds, or thousands of simulation cases without writing scripts. It also allows them to analyze a single parameter over the entire project both visually and quantitatively. This gives engineers the ability to make decisions faster and with more confidence. Tecplot Chorus changes the post processing paradigm by pre-computing the plots, making downstream analysis faster. Currently, CFD engineers use a time-consuming combination of scripting and manual steps to do that work.

Enhancements in the 2012 version of Tecplot Chorus include:

  • Improved project setup and data loaders. Tecplot Chorus now opens data files in CGNS, Fluent, and PLOT3D formats directly in Tecplot 360 and can be configured to use other Tecplot 360 loaders. Users can also associate multiple data files with a given tag per case and can be opened in Tecplot 360 from Tecplot Chorus.

  • Case and data management. When appending data to a project, it is now possible to update existing cases or add duplicate case records in situations where the independent variables match. Users can now show and hide filters, and easily reset them to their defaults, using the Manage Filters dialog.

  • Plot and data extractions. Tecplot 360 macros can be specified when loading data or generating plot images or data; the macro runs after each case’s data is loaded and can be used in combination with a style template. Users can now designate selected cases as active or inactive and filter cases on this attribute using the variable case status.

  • Reporting. Plot Images viewed in Tecplot Chorus may now be copied to the clipboard. Multiple selected plot images may be exported to a folder in one operation. Exported plot images may include labels.

Tecplot Chorus is available on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP, 64-bit Linux platforms, and can easily interface with SQL databases stored locally or on a server. In addition, the company offers engineering consulting services to help with deployment preconditioning the metadata.

For more information, visit: www.tecplot.com/chorus


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