TCT Launches Beta Issue of tctBITES — An Online Magazine for Software and Computing

The TCT Magazine has unveiled a beta version of a new concept publication covering the software and computing systems behind today's product development, engineering and manufacturing industries.

In the 20 years since The TCT Magazine came into being technology has developed at a startling rate. Originally focusing on rapid prototyping, TCT now covers the broad spectrum of applications that additive manufacturing technologies permeate — from product development, engineering and manufacturing through to 3D printing, fabbing and education.

Parallel to the developments in the hardware has been a huge leap in the capability of the software systems used in the design, control, monitoring, management and communication of these industries. The computing power available on an iPad would have left readers of TCT slack-jawed back in 1992!

Communication too has changed. What used to be called publishing has broadened from a print-only magazine to incorporate a cornucopia of platforms.

In developing BITES, TCT has looked at all these developments and come up with something that we believe makes the most of the 'modern'.

The beta issue is available at:

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