Stratasys Ltd and GoEngineer, a Stratasys reseller, will be part of a new television series on MAVTV called TITAN American Built. The series features machine shop owner Titan Gilroy and his mission to put American manufacturing back on top of the world.

Season one of TITAN American Built will take a unique and personal approach to the world of manufacturing and innovation .With the use of state of the art machinery and cutting edge technology like 3D printing, Gilroy will show how American manufacturing can compete in a global market.

An expert in CNC machinery and now a manufacturing entrepreneur, Gilroy opened his own machine shop, Titan American MFG 10 years ago. Along with his team, Gilroy, produces the world’s most intricate parts, completing impossible projects that no other team would dare attempt. Gilroy wants to be on the fore front of manufacturing technology and for the first time, Gilroy and his team will be using a Fortus 250mc 3D Printer from Stratasys, which will compliment his current CNC offerings.

“Episode one highlights our shop using 3D printing in order to manufacture thermal night vision scopes for IR Defense - it’s amazing. Time is the real currency of this industry, and because creating fixturing components is an art, it demands a lot of time to manufacture intricate parts,” says Gilroy. “Instead of waiting two weeks for final product, we can design and create a prototype in just one day with this 3D printer, it has taken our shop to a higher level of efficiency and precision.”

“3D printing is changing the way the world is manufacturing and we are thrilled to partner with Titan Gilroy and show America what is possible when incorporating 3D printing into your overall manufacturing process,” stated Gilad Gans, president, Stratasys North America.

GoEngineer, a reseller of Stratasys 3D Printers, is co-sponsoring TITAN American Built. Ken Coburn, president and founder of GoEngineer, shares in Gilroy’s enthusiasm and vision for the future of manufacturing in America. “I met with Gilroy to discuss the show earlier this year and immediately knew I wanted to help support his passion for educating America on the significant role of manufacturing in the United States. Gilroy recognizes that leveraging new technologies like 3D printing in the right circumstances can help companies gain back the competitive edge needed to help them compete in a constantly changing global economy,” explained Coburn.

Titan American Built premieres Oct. 24 at 10 p.m. ET on MAVTV, currently available on Dish (CH. 248) DIRECTV (CH. 214) and Verizon (CH. 810).

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“Reality” is their genre, connectivity in their DNA. The SME Education Foundation and its industry partners have a laser focus on Gen Y —72 million Americans born between 1977 and 1994 with a goal to change their perception of manufacturing and prime the pump for manufacturing careers they need to consider. The Foundation has provided $100,000 in additional funding to The Edge Factor, a film and media company that features real life manufacturing stories.

Bart A. Aslin, CEO, SME Education Foundation says, “The response we’ve received across the board dictated our willingness to fund this media-based initiative. We believe the video series, design competition, and providing teachers with tools to reach and inspire students will greatly energize their learning experience. They need and deserve real-life, first-hand tutorials to help them make career choices.”

Edge Factor's ultimate goal: to revolutionize the stereotype of manufacturing as a "dark and dirty" industry to one that is filled with extreme technology, advanced innovations and modern, exhilarating careers for the next generation. Jeremy Bout is the Producer and President of Edge Factor, a Canadian-based company that produces three products: a HD film series called the Edge Factor Show, the Reality Redesigned student design contest, and is in development of their third product, educational resources, called EduFactor.

A majority of Gen Y engages in video games and instant messaging, is averse to taking risks, distrusts mass media, and responds to loud and quick visuals, audio and music. It favors programs and messages reflecting its lifestyles and core values, and that have humor and emotion.

Edge Factor has designed a winning customized program responding to this Gen-Y group and their core values. “This can’t be about next month’s sales figures,” says Bout. “This is about inspiration, it’s about next year’s enrollment, and in 5 years, it’s going to be your workforce. Manufacturing is more than invention; it’s the fabric that made our nation great.”

“Metal & Flesh,” the third in the series produced by The Edge Factor Show, showcases Mike Schultz and Brian Alaniz - courageous and innovative young men, each of whom when faced with the loss of a leg as a result of a calamitous accident, were challenged, able to overcome tremendous personal adversity, and today are back competing and winning titles.

Schultz, began riding snowmobiles when he was 8 years old, turned pro in 2003/2004, and signed with Warnert Racing. While battling for a transfer spot coming down a hill during a qualifying race at  a snocross competition, the machine began swaying side to side forcing him to jump off landing feet first. His knee locked straight when he hit, so it crushed the knee joint and hyper extended it. The knee joint was torn apart resulting in a compound fracture of the tibia and fibula. Mike lost his leg below the knee nearly costing him his life. In the spring when snowmobiling with his new prosthesis didn’t work out, and hearing about Adaptive Action Sports, he was inspired to design his own leg.

His design was based on the FOX mountain bike shock which is the main resistance for the knee joint. Another bike shock was designed for the foot. Mike’s custom-design weighs 13.5 pounds, has a microprocessor knee and is only 1.5 pounds heavier than the normal human leg. Later, while competing at the Snocross X Games, Mike won the Gold Metal and later, many other awards in a series of other competitions. His new company, BioDapt, Inc., is based on innovative design engineering for the knee which continues to drive his enthusiasm for competing and making a difference.

“Metal & Flesh” also features Keith Deutsch, a committed snowboarder and Iraq veteran who lost his right leg and knee in Iraq. He and his unit were ambushed, their vehicle being hit from behind by an RPG, which landed two feet away from him. He was featured in a story by Bill Redeker of ABC News while in Breckenridge, Colo. participating in an annual, week-long excursion offered by Disabled Vets USA. Outfitted with a special boot, mechanical knee (his Moto Knee) and prosthetic leg, he found he remembered how to ride. Said Deutsch, “A month and a half after I lost my leg, I was back up on snow.”

The film closes with a helicopter lift-off, and Mike and Keith moving down the mountain with a tight cut illustrating the engineering involved in the design of the leg’s joints. Parts fly apart to showcase the design, and then reassemble. The voice-over then challenges aspiring engineers, “Who will be the ones to say this idea will happen, who will be the ones to turn a dream into reality?

The second facet of this media and educational initiative is “Reality Redesigned,” a student design contest, based on the “Gnarly Metal” episode, which featured Straitline Components, a British Columbia-based manufacturer of mountain bike gear and components. The film features machining technologies supporting new designs for various elements of a mountain bike that could change the game for slopestyle riders forever. “Gnarly Metal” inspired Edge Factor to invite students to submit innovative mountain bike design ideas in one of the three categories: component, frame or suspension. Contestants were invited to submit explanations, pictures and video of their design to the Reality Redesigned contest. The top 9 winners will be awarded prizes valued at up to $40,000.

The competition for Reality Redesigned’s “People’s Choice Awards” was conducted over three successive weeks on the world’s largest mountain biking website, Pinkbike, with non-cumulative voters selected each week. Out of more than 10,000 votes cast for the top 5 designs, the people spoke: “Michael” was the winning designer for his “All Mountain Gearbox Frame,” and took home the Intense custom prize bike and Drift Camera. “Kudos to Michael, says Jeremy Bout, “for reaching out to his university peers, a body of 50,000 plus students, and having his design qualify as the top    People’s Choice Award.”

“The purpose of my design, says Michael, “was to visualize a strong, lightweight and aesthetically beautiful gearbox frame. The frame features a sealed gearbox, and 160mm travel suspension travel with a rearward arc wheel path.”

EduFactor is the third facet of the program now being developed. It will potentially provide teachers across the country with the “Metal & Flesh” video, as well as the first two Edge Factor episodes, “Chilean Mine Rescue,” and “Gnarly Metal,” to illustrate the application of design and manufacturing processes to real-life situations.

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Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK), a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, is teaming with “Everyday Edisons,” the Emmy and Telly award-winning TV series on American innovation, to supply its design software for the series showcasing product invention.

Season 4 of “Everyday Edisons” follows 11 modern inventors through the process of creating their latest inventions. The series goes behind the scenes in the product development process, from initial concept design to finished product manufacturing. The “Everyday Edisons” Design team helps to create each of the inventor’s products, showing viewers along the way what it takes to bring an idea to life for consumers. “Everyday Edisons” is distributed by American Public Television, which began feeding the series to nationwide public television stations on April 7.

“I am thrilled to work with this season’s inventors and help deliver their visions to the marketplace,” said Daniel Bizzell, senior vice president, Design, “Everyday Edisons.” “Autodesk Product Design Suite software provides me the speed and flexibility to make quick changes to products as they are developed, which is key as these concepts go through quite a few iterations before being finalized.”

Autodesk design, visualization and simulation technology helps save time and money by helping designers and manufacturers throughout the design process, so they can validate designs before they are built.

Specifically, the Autodesk Product Design Suite featuring Autodesk Inventor software helps drive innovation with integrated, discipline-specific tools and workflows built for Digital Prototyping.

”American inventors that turn great ideas into reality can be found in some truly unexpected places,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president, Design, Lifecycle and Simulation at Autodesk. “We’re thrilled to see our technology applied with ingenuity in the new season of ‘Everyday Edisons.’”

The ‘Everyday Edisons’ featured on Season 4 were selected from thousands to have their inventions developed by the “Everyday Edisons” team and turned into dynamic retail-ready products. Inventions featured on Season 4 of the show span a broad range of product categories, from medical solutions to household innovations and fitness devices.

“Everyday Edisons” premiered on PBS in 2007 to educate viewers about what it takes to transform an idea into a product sold on store shelves. “Everyday Edisons” features ordinary people as their original ideas are transformed into retail-ready products. The series’ name honors Thomas Edison, the famed American inventor, who with virtually no formal education, was able to secure more than 1,000 patents. “Everyday Edisons” is produced by Everyday Edisons, LLC. in Charlotte, N.C.

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National Geographic TV’s new show “DIGGERS” features a metal “DIGGERS” logo cut by waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge, Inc.  The waterjet-cut logo is featured prominently at the beginning of each episode.
DIGGERS, which piloted with two episodes on Feb. 28, features the zany treasure hunting adventures of Tim Saylor and George Wyant, extreme metal detecting experts and founders of  During the opening of each episode, “Team ATC’s” "King George" and "Ringmaster Tim" dig up the DIGGERS logo cut by Jet Edge.
Jet Edge cut the ¼” steel DIGGERS logo with a 90KSI X-Stream-powered Jet Edge High Rail Gantry waterjet cutting system.  To distress the part and encourage faster rusting, Jet Edge’s test lab crew ran a fan-tipped waterjet head over the finished part to rough up the surface, then raised the water level in the tank and let the part soak overnight under water on top of metal slats. The part was then sprinkled with sidewalk salt and left on the slats for a day to continue rusting. Within two days, Jet Edge had a part that looked like it had been in the ground for years waiting for DIGGERS to find it.
Both pilot episodes of DIGGERS are scheduled to run again on at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. CST March 3 and 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. CST March 4.

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Objet ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, announced today that its Objet30 Desktop 3D Printer was filmed for brand new Channel 4 series, Home of the Future.

What happens if you ask a normal family to boldly go where no-one has gone before - to live in the future? This five-part Channel 4 series, co-funded by one of the UK's leading energy companies E.ON, and produced by Twofour, transforms the lives of a family, filling their home from top-to-bottom with forefront technology and gadgets.

As well as having cutting-edge technology and gadgets to play with, the Perera family in Sheffield will be challenged by scenarios likely to come in the next twenty to fifty years.

Overseen by expert Chris Sanderson, the Pereras will discover how we may work, rest and play - as well as eat, travel, stay healthy and power our homes.

"The highlight, for me, was the moment the 3D printer arrived," says Sanderson. "It was hugely exciting to be able to design an object and see it being made in front of your eyes."

In an episode looking at home offices, the Perera family use the Objet30 Desktop to produce 3D printed pens.

The series looks at the effects of working from home and living in multi-generational households and asks: what will we eat when cheap food is gone and mass-produced meat is unsustainable? And the family face being shamed by their bin if they don't recycle enough and being temporarily banned from short car journeys (electric and hydrogen-powered, naturally).

But the future is not all bad news as the Pereras discover mind-controlled games, domestic power stations that slash their bills, robots they can control from the other side of the world, waterless washing machines, cars, lawnmowers and vacuums that drive themselves and the joys of growing your own fish supper.

The second episode of Home of the Future airs on February 19th, 7.00pm on Channel 4.

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The HISTORY Channel’s Modern Marvels is featuring Jet Edge waterjets and Michael Waltrip Racing in its upcoming episode, “Under Pressure.” The show is set to air at 10 p.m. EST (9 p.m. CST), Monday, Jan. 30 on H2. The episode also will be posted on

Few things could be under more pressure than a 90,000 psi industrial waterjet cutting machine and a NASCAR® team racing to get ready for the next green flag. That is why Modern Marvel’s production crew travelled to MWR’s shop in Cornelius, N.C., to shoot “Under Pressure,” an episode exploring all things done under pressure.

During the episode, Modern Marvels explores the science behind creating an extreme ultra-high pressure waterjet that can cut precise parts from virtually any material, and explains how MWR uses its Jet Edge X-Stream waterjet cutting machine to cut more than 1,000 parts for each of its racecars. The episode features interviews with Michael Wheeler, Jet Edge’s R&D engineer; Nick Hughes, MWR’s technical director; and Jeremy Vanderleest, MWR’s waterjet operator.

MWR builds about 56 cars per year, including the #55 Aaron’s Dream Machine Toyota Camry driven by Michael Waltrip and Mark Martin, the #56 NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota Camry driven by Martin Truex Jr., and the #15 5-hour ENERGY Toyota Camry driven by Clint Bowyer.

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Ever wonder where all those fantastic, odd and oddly useful consumer gadgets come from? Browsing the aisles of Target, K-Mart, Walmart and other major retailers, one marvels at the scope of imagination when it comes to products for the home, office, workshop and garage. For inventors and those who have big ideas of their own, home shopping shows and big-box stores are playgrounds of potential.

Now comes "Inventionland," a new reality-based TV special scheduled to debut on HISTORY on Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Shot on location, the Pittsburgh-based Inventionland is the headquarters for Davison Design & Development, founded by George Davison, the show's star.

"Inventionland" delves into the sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes exhilarating real-life drama of the high-risk world of inventing. The show follows three inventors as their respective inventions take shape. From the thrill of coming up with a big idea to the challenges involved in turning it into a functioning prototype and then into a money-making proposition or a trip back to the drawing board, it all begins and ends at Inventionland, America's largest invention factory.

* Stuck holding onto the umbrella during a breezy day at the beach while watching his young daughters have fun in the ocean without him, inventor Milton Branch envisions a beach cooler that firmly anchors an umbrella even on the windiest days. Find out if the project flies.

* Kurt Whiteside and 5,000 of his car mechanic customers around the country anxiously await the next generation of the Hover Creeper. But first this miracle of physics must pass the muster of NASCAR mechanic "Big A," who ultimately says, "Every fat guy should have one of these." Then Inventionland designers face a last-minute, nail-biting prototyping problem that requires Mr. D.'s expertise as an important celebration looms.

* Taking a cue from the original boom boxes of the 1980s, twenty-year-old Jason Ramsey has the idea for a new surround-sound, six-speaker wearable belt that will enable him to share music the old-fashioned way with his skateboarding friends at the park. There's only one problem, and it's a doozy.

Intertwined with these compelling invention stories are those of Inventionland's own creative captain, "Mr. D."—the one and only George Davison—and an eccentric cast of designers and builders. Jason Rogge configures each design team, balancing personalities and talent for what an invention needs; he's also the master deadline enforcer. Jarrod Campbell, the lone wolf known for his quick temper, never hesitates to speak his mind. The quintessential super-geek Clay Carlino is nonetheless a snob at heart. Lucky Schwartz, ever the skeptic, plays devil's advocate at every turn. Outdoorsman Curtis Wierman is part Grizzly Adams and part Turtle from Entourage. Tensions may flare, creative minds do clash and emotions run high, but in the end, the cast of characters' idiosyncrasies work in their favor, and the new inventions come to life.

George Davison says from Inventionland, "Whether we invent new products to ward off outside competition, or to fix a pressing problem, or to bring pleasure into new realms, there is a ravenous appetite among consumers for the new and innovative. And we do it all at Inventionland."

"Inventionland" is produced for HISTORY by JWM Productions. The producer is Jonathan Wyche. Patrice Shannon is the editor and the online editor is Brian Newell.

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The SME Education Foundation announces a new partnership with The Edge Factor, a high energy, HD series that is rebranding the manufacturing industry with film and putting its advanced technologies center stage. The SME Education Foundation has also been named the community foundation for The Edge Factor.

The partnership builds on the SME Education Foundation’s $5.2 million effort to push boundaries and change public perception of manufacturing, transform manufacturing education and address the shortage of manufacturing and technical talent in the United States.

“This is a great opportunity for manufacturing,” says Bart A. Aslin, chief executive officer, SME Education Foundation. “Technology is moving at warp speed and we think The Edge Factor series does a great job of showcasing the energy and ingenuity of the manufacturing industry, and certainly its pride. Manufacturers up and down the chain need to join us on this one. We’re directing a portion of the funding to our K-12 programming which includes manufacturing scholarships. The long-term benefits are unending.”

The new reality show with a twist chronicles manufacturing innovation. In its latest episode, “Gnarly Metal,” the team visits Straitline Components, a British Columbia-based manufacturer of mountain bike gear and components. Viewers are introduced to machining technologies supporting new designs for various elements of a mountain bike that could change the game of slopestyle riders forever.

Jeremy Bout, producer of The Edge Factor, brings a unique perspective to the series, a career in manufacturing which includes cutting tool design and engineering. Astounded by the role manufacturing plays in everyday life, and how little the general public understands it, he has assembled a unique team to bridge the gap between the visual media world and that of manufacturers. They all recognize that people working in manufacturing – designers, programmers, and engineers, sometimes with those capabilities all wrapped up in one person, with years spent honing their skills; often rival that of a doctor or surgeon.

The SME Education Foundation and The Edge Factor believe they are perfectly aligned with a common goal to increase public awareness of how manufacturing is shaping our world and affecting our global community.

Viewers are reminded that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy when they see real people doing extraordinary things not generally seen. The series make a serious contribution to workforce development by providing incredibly diverse and interesting segments which are appealing to young people. The intent is to also engage the manufacturing community and encourage them to provide access to their innovative thinkers for demonstrations of current technology and processes.

Today, as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education takes center stage, with the imperative being job creation, the SME Education Foundation has accelerated its funding and support for innovative education in advanced manufacturing.

Its long-standing partnership with Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a national education non-profit, offering students technology-based summer camps through its Gateway Academy, and a pre-engineering program for high school students through its Gateway to Technology program, prepares students for tech-based competitions.

Stemming from the production of The Edge Factor series will be a new student engagement competition called “Reality Redesigned,” as well as a series of classroom videos, “EDU Factor,” which will be used to highlight the specific technologies featured in The Edge Factor series.

These videos will be distributed and shown in classrooms with the support of SME Education Foundation through its relationships with the National Center for Manufacturing Education (NCME) and, Project Lead The Way (PLTW), and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

According to the Manufacturing Council, approximately 2.7 million manufacturing employees will retire during the next ten years, yet only an estimated 750,000 young adults are enrolled in education programs in 2011, degreed and skilled, to fill the pipeline. That number further plunges to 350,000 by 2025.

Industry support for the launch of The Edge Factor series, the Reality Redesigned competition and EDU Factor classroom videos has been provided by The Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Mastercam, Morris South, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), SME Education Foundation (SME-EF), Sandvik Coromont, and Solidworks.

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Premier Farnell has announced the launch of element14 TV, a dedicated channel on its global online community that offers instant access to an expansive range of information-rich videos in one, easy-to-search destination.

The move is part of its commitment to provide electronics engineers and technology enthusiasts with an all-encompassing resource for product design and development.

element14, which has already had more than 2 million visits in 2011, has become the go-to resource for engineers, and its new television channel further augments the information, technology, products and design tools available to the community.

element14 TV joins an ever-growing list of resources available on the community, including the Knode on element14, an intelligent online search and knowledge tool that helps engineers research, select and buy the right solutions for their designs, CadSoft’s award winning Eagle PCB design software, leading technology companies through partnerships with top suppliers, an Expert Learning Centre, comprehensive legislation resources, and valuable insight from renowned professionals.

“element14 was the first exclusive community designed specifically for engineers and the launch of element14 TV is an exciting addition to the services we provide, allowing engineers across the globe to share and collaborate with video. We have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of time spent on the community, underscoring the value-add of the content, tools and resources available in one place,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community for element14. “Not surprisingly, the video content available on the community is one of the leading resources accessed by engineers – just look at ‘The Ben Heck Show’ with more than three million views since it launched.”

element14 TV will initially focus on allowing community members to easily view videos-on-demand that educate, motivate, connect and entertain. Organized by categories and prioritized by community ratings, the channel offers content that spans the breadth of electronics content and how-tos, including the popular “The Ben Heck Show” series, Arduino tutorials, expert tutorials, user-generated videos, such as “A Day in the Life of an Engineer,” informational supplier videos, and the latest in technology and product overviews.

The launch of element14 TV makes it easier than ever to access video-centric design tools, resources and content in one place. element14 TV – a ‘YouTube for engineers’ – will also host all videos-on-demand after the Innovation Series, a two-day online summit, that is available for an entirely new generation of electronic design professionals who will develop new products and technologies that we’ve yet to even dream of.”

Programming on element14 TV will be expanded on an ongoing basis, giving the community access to the latest content, cutting-edge technology, and even access to exclusive content from industry thought leaders and visionaries. In addition, element14 TV will be guided in large part by feedback and input provided by the community through ratings, comments, submissions and more, to ensure content meets the latest design needs and discussion interests.

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As Seen On TV, Inc., the parent company of TVGoods, Inc., held a Pitch Tank event in Tampa, FL over the weekend of December 10th and 11th.

Pitch Tank is marketed to entrepreneurs and inventors as a platform to introduce and demonstrate businesses and/or products to the As Seen On TV, Inc. team, including Kevin Harrington. The event includes real training from Kevin Harrington on how to take your business or product from an idea to reality, including information on development and marketing. Covered topics include mass marketing, branding, intellectual property, manufacturing, ecommerce, web design, and all the latest marketing trends and strategies. Distribution channel strategy is also a key area of focus, including television shopping channels, infomercials and the Internet.

In addition to assisting and training the participants, the As Seen On TV, Inc. team was exposed to several businesses and products that it will continue to evaluate and monitor, with the hopes of partnering in the future. The company looks forward to hosting its next Pitch Tank event in a different city within the next 90 days.

"Pitch Tank has already turned into a profitable department for As Seen On TV, Inc. The company is able to use its expertise to be able to monetize the thousands of inventor submissions we get annually," said Steve Rogai, CEO of As Seen On TV, Inc.

"Last weekend's Pitch Tank event surpassed our expectations. It was successful for both the entrepreneurs and inventors in attendance and our company. There are tons of amazing people in this world, people with a lot of talent, skill and great ideas. Unfortunately, many of these amazing people struggle because they have no direction. I get approached daily from people with great ideas, and many have done a lot of work on those ideas. People show me prototypes, market research data and some have even begun selling their products or ideas. Every one of these people have a few pieces of the puzzle, but the one thing that they are all lacking is knowledge on how to complete the puzzle; and Pitch Tank gives them that knowledge," said Kevin Harrington, Chairman of As Seen On TV, Inc.

As Seen On TV, Inc. is the parent company of TVGoods, Inc., a direct response marketing company. We identify, develop and market consumer products for global distribution via TV, Internet and retail channels. TVGoods was established by Kevin Harrington, a pioneer of direct response television.

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3D printer maker Stratasys said its Dimension 3D Printing technology created several of the physical models for the popular stop-motion animated short “Back To The Start,” which has garnered more than two million YouTube views and a nod from AdWeek as one of the top commercials of the year.

Produced for Chipotle Mexican Grill by CAA Marketing Group and Nexus Productions, “Back To The Start” features a stop-motion animated trip from farm to table, punctuated by a soulful Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” specially commissioned for the video.

The film, by filmmaker Johnny Kelly, depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the error of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. Both the film and the soundtrack were commissioned by Chipotle to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system.

London-based special effects studio Artem, Ltd. produced the visual effects for the video, which has won praise for its creative approach to telling Chipotle’s sustainability story. During the past five years, Artem has used the Dimension 3D Printer to produce models for dozens of clients, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 20th Century Fox and Nokia.

“The beauty of using the Dimension 3D Printer for this project was that we could produce exact replicas of the animatic drawings, rather than guessing about sizes and details as we might have done with hand-sculpted models,” said Bob Thorne, senior visual effects supervisor for Artem, Ltd.

With an approved animatic (a design file with rough-draft, full-motion sketches of proposed animated sequences), Thorne and his team had only to feed that data to the Dimension 3D Printer before producing and hand-finishing the models, most of which were human-inspired characters that required a high level of detail.

Using traditional production methods, these models might have taken days to sculpt by hand and finish to the director’s specifications. But with the Dimension 3D Printer, Thorne and his team completed the process overnight and produced a tray full of models.

“Back To The Start” has won praise from creative arts leaders, sustainability experts and pop culture gurus for its fresh, engaging approach to the subject of factory farming and food quality. A “making of” video – which includes the Dimension 3D Printer – has garnered its own YouTube following, with more than 20,000 unique views.

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For centuries, America has been an engine of invention and innovation, creating the technology that has shaped world history.  From Ben Franklin to the Wright Brothers; Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, this country has been a consistent generator of revolutionary ideas.  Today many Americans, in basements and backyards around the country, are trying to turn their dreams into the next big thing.

INVENTION USA, a new HISTORY series that premieres Friday, December 9, 10pm ET/9C follows Reichart Von Wolfshield and Dr. Garrett Lisi, innovators and scientists with ties to investors, as they go in search of the next breakthrough invention. Whether they're traveling the country to visit backyard inventors at home, or meeting inventors at their Los Angeles testing lab, Reichart and Garrett will put prototypes to the test and give a tough, no-nonsense evaluation of the invention’s potential.  If they like what they see, it can mean the Inventor will get the investment they'll need to help bring the product to market. In every case, the stakes are high: a dream is on the line, and the next idea they see could change someone's life...and even the world.

Their adventures are chronicled in INVENTION USA which celebrates not only America’s knack for invention but also its entrepreneurial spirit. As Garrett and Reichart see it, one is meaningless without the other – and these two know quite a lot about bringing pioneering new products to the marketplace. As Garrett and Reichart travel the country meeting with inventors, if they agree that there’s revenue potential in an invention, they will use their considerable collective experience – in consumer products, marketing, science and design – and make that invention come to life, and ultimately to the marketplace.

INVENTION USA doesn’t focus solely on the inventions. The 6-episode series also takes a fascinating look at the inventors themselves, some of whom have sacrificed it all, including money and marriages, to make their creations a reality. Some inventions are brilliant, some batty; and some simply both! There’s “The Fireball,” a non-lethal weapon that uses modified paintballs to deter wild animal attacks, a product the inventor claims was inspired by his run-in with Bigfoot. There’s the “Phone Glove,” a cell phone that’s not exactly hands free, given that it’s built into a winter glove.  Also Easy Down, a potential life-saving invention inspired by the events on 9/11; and “Roscoe: One Bad Bird” – a new “weapon” in the battle to keep pesky pigeons away.  Which of these and many other items will meet with Garrett and Reichart’s approval? The stakes couldn’t be higher for the inventors.

Garrett is an American theoretical physicist best known for "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything," a unified field theory combining particle physics with Einstein's theory of gravitation. Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego, California, Lisi received bachelor’s degrees with highest honors in physics and mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a doctorate in physics from the University of California, San Diego. After moving to the island of Maui, Lisi balanced his efforts between physics research, scientific consulting, and surfing. His work has been featured in many academic, popular, and online publications.

Reichart has produced over 120 consumer products and pioneered dozens of technologies over the past 30 years including one of the first multiplayer video games, co-designed the first set-top computer, created Disney's Animation Studio software, designed slot machines for Vegas, Toys for Mattel, and weapons for the Defense Department. From their Laboratory nicknamed "The Barn" Garrett and Reichart evaluate and test an array of newly developed prototypes for the series.

INVENTION USA is produced for HISTORY by T Group Productions. Matthew Ginsburg and Charles Nordlander are Executive Producers for HISTORY. Executive Producers for T Group are Jenny Daly, Gunnar Wetterberg and Jason Sklaber.

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We are proud to announce that Materialise will be featured in an upcoming episode of ‘Brave New World with Stephen Hawking’, a Channel 4 documentary series during which “Professor Stephen Hawking examines how science is striving for humankind's next leap forward” (description from the website). So, for those of you in living in the UK, be sure to set your DVRs because you will not want to miss a minute of this show. The episode will air on Monday the 31st of October at 8pm on Channel 4. Although airing on Halloween, we promise you that the only thing scary about the show is how much further technology has come than many expect.

Filming took place at Materialise’s Belgian Headquarters earlier in the year and we are excited to finally see the result of what proved to be an exciting day of shooting. Materialise is being featured in the third episode of the series entitled: Technology. It will be designer Max Lamb who will guide viewers through the world of 3D printing and who will give you a glimpse of what is happening here at Materialise. Also featured in this episode will be how mobile phones can give experts access to our every habit and action, experimental cities in which citizens get around in unmanned cars, spaceship factories, and more.

To learn more about ‘Brave New World with Stephen Hawking’, visit:

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DuPont-sponsored Horizons has begun its fall season airing around the world on the BBC World News channel. Horizons examines the future of business by looking at companies around the world that are making the greatest progress in their sectors and influencing the way people will live in the future.

Horizons has reached over 360 million households in 122 countries and, after airing just the first half of Season One, Horizons is the second highest rated show in BBC World News, outperforming the long-running "World Business Report" and second only to “World Challenge” a 7- year veteran program.

Presented by the award-winning business journalist Adam Shaw, Horizons will continue to travel across the globe to destinations including Brazil, China, Israel and Turkey to find the business ideas that could shape mankind's future. “We've been travelling the world on an intriguing and inspiring tour of the boundaries of innovation,” Shaw said. “Looking at the ideas and business areas that are really going to have an impact on how we live in the future and assessing the big issues they could tackle.”

The Horizons series will air weekly from now until Dec. 9 on BBC World News on Friday at 11:30 p.m., Saturday at 2:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., and Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. (all times GMT). U.S. audiences also can catch the program on Bloomberg TV Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. ET.

DuPont produced stories of inclusive innovation that will air during the program’s center commercial break. Filmed around the world, the stories highlight global collaborations that reflect how businesses, governments, non-profits and academia are working together with DuPont to solve global challenges one region at a time.

“The stories of science and collaboration touch a range of our businesses again this season,” said DuPont Executive Vice President Mark P. Vergnano. “Our first story is about sustainable fishing and a new way to farm salmon in Chile. We then tell a story of how DuPont materials are helping make artificial limbs lighter and more flexible for amputees, and finally show how drought-tolerant seeds may seem like magic, but they are truly all about science.”

In the beginning of this season, viewers will learn how DuPont scientists, together with AquaChile, are introducing an innovative way to maintain fish stocks for generations to come. They have developed a new process that reduces the amount of feeder fish needed to farm raise salmon by 75 percent. And, together with Niagara Prosthetics & Orthotics International and Queen’s University in Canada, DuPont helped to develop prosthetic feet for amputees. These state-of-the-art devices are lighter and more flexible, thanks to new DuPont materials, and provide users with greater mobility and stability, which enable them, for example, to spend more time on their jobs to generate more income for their families.

“DuPont is proud of our partnership with the BBC and Horizons. These stories of inclusive innovation are introducing our company, our innovations and our scientists to people and businesses all around the world. They are learning how our revolutionary materials, creative solutions, and real-life applications can help their companies succeed in today’s marketplace,” Vergnano added.

For program highlights and an insight into the future of global business, visit:

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In episode 6 of the popular new TV series, My Design Life, Lisa S. Roberts and Maria Eife venture into the fascinating world of 3D Printing. During their adventure, they speak to a celebrated designer with a long and successful history with Materialise, Patrick Jouin, as well as Materialise’s own Jamie Milas, North America Marketing Manager.

In this episode, we are taken to the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, where Patrick Jouin speaks about his beautiful (yet functional) creations such as the Bloom and the One_Shot.MGX which exemplify exactly what Lisa is going after, “to make art and design accessible to people in their daily lives”. Both pieces were produced at Materialise and also featured in the recent and very successful London Design Festival installation, Industrial Revolution 2.0, at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Meanwhile, Jamie Milas is interviewed in New York at what has been called the best design store in the world, Moss. While there, the film crew shoots the various .MGX by Materialise collection pieces on display while Jamie shares stories about Materialise and 3D printing.

MY DESIGN LIFE is produced by Nancy Glass Productions. Nancy Glass, Sara Baxter and Lisa S. Roberts are Executive Producers.

For more information and schedule, please visit: or

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Slopestyle mountain biking, a genre that combines big-air, stunt-filled freeride with BMX-style tricks, is growing in popularity. As the sport grows, so does the catalogue of products designed for participants. To showcase both the sport and the gear, The Edge Factor Show has produced a new episode entitled “Gnarly Metal,” which chronicles the design and development of cutting-edge bicycle parts by Straitline Components. The parts were designed with SolidWorks® 3D design software and tested at the JumpShip Invitational Dirt Jump Competition in the inner harbor of Victoria, British Columbia.

Slopestyle riding puts enormous pressure on bikes, and if the equipment doesn’t hold up, riders can sustain serious injuries. With this in mind, Straitline Components has developed a slopestyle-grade bike pedal built to withstand the enormous pressure of riding which is being used in competition today.

This innovation is what led slopestyle rider Mike Montgomery to approach Straitline Components to design a hydraulic brake line detangler, which allows handlebars to spin without tangling brake lines. Existing hydraulic brake line detanglers are not currently effective due to weak seals, so Straitline Components looked to combat this challenge by designing one to withstand the rigors of competitive slopestyle riding. Using SolidWorks® Simulation software, Straitline tested the new design to ensure the seals were leak proof and the prototype was ready for competition. Edge Factor highlights the development and testing of this design, as well as the competition itself, including commentary from designers and riders.

“We knew that the seals caused problems with existing hydraulic brake line detangler designs,” said Dennis Paulson, head engineer of Straitline Components. “With the new design development coming so close to the Jump Dirt competition, we didn’t have time to build and test a prototype. The SolidWorks Simulation capabilities allowed us to put the hydraulic brake line detangler through its paces—all on a computer screen—ensuring that the product was safe and effective before Mike Montgomery attempted his first stunt, jump or ride.”

Using the new design from Straitline, Montgomery placed first in the Jump Dirt competition. In a three-month span, riders using the Straitline hydraulic brake line detangler have captured five first-place awards and one second-place award in North American competitions, according to the episode.

“This was a cool project from start to finish—to be able to actually design, prototype, and develop an effective new product just days away from a major competition was amazing. To have the rider win the Jump Dirt competition was even better, and speaks to the quality of SolidWorks’ software and Straitline Components’ design,” said Jeremy Bout, producer of The Edge Factor Show.

The Edge Factor show is designed to provide an inside look at how manufacturing affects consumers’ lives. It highlights real people doing ordinary things, demonstrates the diversity and interest points of manufacturing in a new way and engages the manufacturing community with the most current technology. The show’s mission is to profile existing manufacturing stars and to stir interest in the industry for a new audience, and “Gnarly Metal” marries extreme sports and manufacturing in a way that will interest both types of viewers.

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks is the exclusive CAD sponsor of “Gnarly Metal.” The episode can be viewed here: A behind the scenes look at Straitline’s use of SolidWorks is also available at: .

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Renowned inventor/FIRST founder Dean Kamen and The Black Eyed Peas frontman team up for “ Science is Rock and Roll,” a groundbreaking science and technology entertainment celebration that highlights the 20th annual FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championship

Sunday, August 14, 2011
7:00-8:00 p.m. ET/6:00 – 7:00 p.m. CT
ABC Television Network

The star-studded special features live performances by The Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith, along with celebrities including Justin Bieber, Steven Tyler, Bono, Jack Black, Miley Cyrus and Josh Duhamel speaking out in support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. Student teams are profiled as their robots compete to win coveted FIRST Championship awards.

The back-to-school special was created and shot during the FIRST Championship 2011 including 30,000 students, fans, families, educators, and industry leaders who came together in St. Louis, Mo., to celebrate the engineering prowess of talented students from around the world. More than 600 teams from 29 countries competed in the three levels of FIRST: FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®, grades 4 to 8, nine to 14-year-olds in the U.S. and Canada; nine to 16-year-olds outside the U.S. and Canada); FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®, grades 9 to 12, 14 to 18-year-olds); and FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®, grades 9 to 12, ages 14-18). Science is Rock and Roll documents the country’s best and brightest students in the FIRST Regional Competitions leading up to the international FIRST Championship.

Dean Kamen founded FIRST® in 1989 to inspire an appreciation of science and technology in young people. FIRST designs accessible, innovative programs to build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills while motivating young people to pursue STEM.

For more information, visit:

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TechShop, the first membership-based DIY workshop and fabrication studio for makers, is excited to welcome Mike Rowe to Maker Faire, the world's preeminent DIY festival. Rowe, whose own website,, was created as a "PR Campaign for Hard Work," will drop by the Fiesta Hall at the San Mateo County Event Center on Sunday, May 22nd, at 11 a.m. for an impromptu chat with makers and fabricators from around the country. "The only thing I make these days is a mess," joked the creator and Host of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs. "But the TechShop idea is phenomenal, and Maker Faire sounds like TechShop on steroids. It'll be fun to hang out with some people who can still make things out of thin air. I'm a big fan."

Maker Faire celebrates things people create themselves -- from rockets and robots, to DIY biology and hacked everything. The family-friendly event for creative people of all ages and skill levels offers two days of exhibits, activities, instruction and information from over 600 makers. The event is projected to draw 95,000 people from the Bay Area and beyond who want to marvel and be inspired by the world of "making."

"Maker Faire brings together those who want to get their hands dirty," said Dale Dougherty, founder of Maker Faire, and Editor in Chief of MAKE magazine. "TechShop provides the tools for people who want to get their hands dirty. What could be better than having both TechShop and Mike Rowe at Maker Faire."

TechShop will set up a glimpse into TechShop at Maker Faire by hosting celebrity makers, key partners and members as part of on-going demonstrations for anyone who wants to make or learn to make things. Machines ranging from manual mills and lathes, to laser and plasma cutters, industrial sewing machines, electronics and more are available to TechShop members for a monthly access fee, similar to the fitness club model. TechShop is a key sponsor of Maker Faire Bay Area 2011.

"Maker Faire is the 'maker' event of the year," said Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop. "The size of the crowd and the level of commitment from companies like Autodesk, tells us that the Maker Movement is taking hold. We want to harness that excitement to engage, encourage and empower everyone to build their dreams. TechShop provides a broad array of machines and tools, instruction, and a supportive environment so hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artists, and others who want to make things but lack the tools, space or skills can do just that. "

More than a Booth
TechShop's exhibition area at Maker Faire, a.k.a. "The Show Barn," will spotlight select TechShop member projects and numerous machine demonstrations, including 3D printing by 3D Systems. TechShop partner Autodesk will showcase their newest software release 1, 2, 3D. Autodesk is currently offering free software and training to all TechShop members. TechShop founder Jim Newton and TechShop staff and member volunteers will be on hand to answer questions.

Attendees will be inspired by member projects ranging from handmade goods found on Etsy to solar panels, and a variety of consumer-good prototypes. TechShop memberships and classes will be available at special Maker Faire prices so future makers can get started right away.

Calendar Editors
A celebration of DIY culture, Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 runs Saturday-Sunday, May 21-22, at the San Mateo County Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo. Saturday, 10am to 8pm; Sunday, 10am to 6pm. $5-$25; 3 and under are free. To purchase tickets, including weekend passes stop by Bay Area TechShop locations or go to:

About Maker Faire
Maker Faire is being held on May 21 & 22, 2011 at the San Mateo County Event Center. Started in San Mateo, California in 2006, and also being held in Detroit and New York, Maker Faire is the premier event for grassroots American innovation. Held annually in each of these locations, the event may expand elsewhere in the future. Maker Faire is supported by MAKE Magazine and O'Reilly Media, the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. The company's books, conferences and web sites bring to light the knowledge of technology innovators. For more information about Maker Faire, please visit

About TechShop, Inc.
Founded in October 2006, TechShop, Inc. is a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, providing access to a vibrant community of highly creative people and more than $750,000 worth of high-quality machines, tools and software. Based in Menlo Park, CA, with locations in San Francisco and Raleigh, NC, and soon to open locations in San Jose, New York and Detroit, TechShop offers training and instruction for people of all skill levels.

For information and course listings, visit, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (800) 640-1975. You can follow TechShop on Twitter at "TechShopInc." TechShop is also on Facebook as "TechShop Incorporated".

About mikeroweWORKS
mikeroweWORKS is a website created by Mike Rowe as a "PR campaign for hard work and skilled labor." Its purpose is to call attention to the growing skills gap in the trades, provide comprehensive resources for anyone looking to explore those vocations, as well as focus the country on the very real issues facing our trade workers, miners and farmers. In addition to the trade resource center, Mike has established The mikeroweWORKS Foundation to help fund scholarship programs and other initiatives that reinvigorate trade school interest, enrollments and industrial arts programs around the country. The website also includes Mike's blog, videos and photos.

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DuPont today announced its sponsorship of a new BBC series Horizons. The television program will examine the future of business by looking at companies around the world that are making the greatest progress in their sectors and influencing the way people will live in the future. Horizons begins airing today around the globe on the BBC World News networks.

“Horizons will offer a glimpse of what the future holds for all of us, by looking at the businesses that are testing the boundaries of science and technology,” said BBC Global News Senior Commissioner Paul Gibbs. “It’s a global series, and we’ll be visiting companies across the world to uncover the ones with the most interesting, intriguing and advanced ideas and products.”

The show has a prestigious panel of experts who represent collaboration from diverse businesses, academia and organizations from around the globe who came together to identify the world’s most daunting challenges. They are looking to see how innovation is going to solve the most pressing needs of the world and its people. Inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders will be featured alongside their latest breakthrough technology, grand idea or venture to begin real solutions to the problems facing our world today.

Horizons has been taping in all corners of the world from Kenya to Hong Kong to Germany to Brazil. It promises to be a truly global journey. Horizons will air on BBC World News May 6 to July 4 and October 3 to December 5. Check local listings for local airing times.

For more online interaction, Horizons has a comprehensive, interactive website where viewers can watch bite-size parts of the latest shows on demand, take part in live web chats with program host Adam Shaw and members of the production team each week, search for areas of interest to access relevant content and participate in an online forum.

DuPont produced stories of inclusive innovation that will air during the program’s center commercial break. Filmed around the world, the stories highlight global collaborations that reflect how businesses, governments, non-profits and academia are working together with DuPont to solve global challenges one region at a time.

“We turned the cameras on everyday heroes: the farmers who are feeding the world, the policemen who are protecting our communities and the scientists who are inventing tomorrow’s next big innovation – today,” said DuPont Chair and CEO Ellen Kullman. “These stories demonstrate the importance of innovation and collaboration in addressing some of the world’s most pressing needs in food, energy, and protection.”

The first story, which will air starting May 6, highlights the collaboration between local Tennessee farmers, Genera Energy and DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol (DDCE) to produce cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass, corn cobs, stalks and other forms of sustainable biomass. Farmer Brad Black, whose farm has been in his family since 1820, said, “This land is as important to me as one of my kids.” Black is currently growing switchgrass through the University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative production program. Every acre of switchgrass on his farm could mean up to 1,000 gallons of fuel year after year.

For more informatio visit: or

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