LMI Technologies (LMI), a developer of 3D inspection and scanning solutions announced it will be moving its corporate headquarters to 9200 Glenlyon Parkway in Burnaby, BC.

Opened in 1995, Glenlyon Business Park is situated in close proximity to the Fraser River in Burnaby's Big Bend area.

The move marks a significant upgrade from LMI's current 20,647 sq. ft. location on Delta's Annacis Island, to an expansive new 62,400 sq. ft. office complete with state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities.

The new location effectively doubles the company's manufacturing space in order to meet rising demand for sensor production, while providing added floorspace to accommodate a rapidly growing staff. The increased square footage and custom-designed manufacturing facilities will allow LMI to deliver the highest quality 3D solutions on the market for many years to come–while offering employees an enriched work experience with access to a gymnasium, basketball/tennis courts, rooftop patio and riverside parkland and walking paths.

"This is a very exciting time at LMI. We're moving into a great new location that supports our rapid growth, allows us to continue to deliver the most innovative 3D technologies, and will easily scale up as we continue to expand over the years to come. Our new headquarters is a testament to how far we've come, and a sign of the bright future ahead," said Terry Arden, CEO, LMI Technologies.

LMI Technologies will start to move to its new HQ location as of December 5th, 2016, and complete the move by January 15, 2017.

New LMI Headquarters
9200 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5J 5J8
T: +1 (604) 636-1011
F: +1 (604) 516-8368

Interested in a career a LMI? See current job postings here: lmi3d.com/company/careers

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Creaform announced its decision to move its headquarters to Lévis’ Innoparc in order to support its growth. This move represents a 20-million-dollar investment in order to triple its production capacity and hire a significant number of new employees. The new building will have twice the square footage of Creaform’s existing facilities, increasing from 38,000 to 76,000 square feet.

The company’s management unveiled Creaform’s future site in front of all its employees. Established for the past 10 years on rue Saint-Georges in Vieux-Lévis, Creaform’s headquarters includes its research and development, product manufacturing and assembly, engineering services, sales and marketing, and administration.

Creaform partnered with Groupe Commercial AMT to work on the project of transitioning to its new headquarters. Mr. Jacques Tanguay, President of Groupe Commercial AMT, will have the honor of making the first dig in Creaform’s highly symbolic groundbreaking ceremony.

The company has increased its sales tenfold over the past decade. “And we have no intention of slowing down. Our goal is to double our sales within the next five years,” explained Mr. Martin Lamontagne, Creaform’s Co-Founder and Vice President and Business Unit Manager. “We needed to expand our headquarters in order to increase the production of multiple new 3D technology platforms.

“The investment in the Innoparc will enable us to increase our office space, modernize our facilities and integrate new, cutting-edge technology,” added Ms. Fanny Truchon, “Creaform’s Vice President of Operations. These are compelling reasons for our current and future employees.”

The building will offer a high-quality, contemporary working environment for the Creaform team. It will be the result of an integrated architectural design process that blends comfort and functionality. In addition, it will be located near a forest of over 7,000,000 square feet with winding bicycle and foot paths.

Creaform also wanted to remain in Lévis, where it was founded. “Creaform will continue to support Lévis—our hometown that gave us a chance and remains today the ideal location for our company to thrive,” said Mr. Lamontagne. The site was chosen for its proximity to Québec City’s major roadways and services.

Creaform will be moving to its new headquarters, situated at 4700 rue de la Pascaline, in November 2017.

In order to pursue its expansion, Creaform is currently recruiting for over a dozen job positions in Lévis.

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PhotoScribe Technologies has upgraded its space, opting for a new office in New Jersey, with ease in accessibility both to and from Manhattan, as well as internationally. Allowing for growth and comfort, the new facilities offer a variety of amenities, as well as an opportunity for customers to easily commute, with the location granting easy access from both Manhattan and international airports.

David Benderly, PhotoScribe CEO, says of the move, “It was necessary because of our newly established nano-fabrication laboratory. This lab includes a class 1000 cleanroom facility. The upscale location and the attached hotel give our customers easy access and a comfortable work environment.”

Relocating to Glenpointe allows PhotoScribe to operate out of a beautiful, prosperous business setting, making it possible for them to grow internally and internationally, with comfort for employees and visitors alike. Widely considered one of the finest mixed-use communities in New Jersey, Glenpointe is a regional hub and home to a broad range of local, national and international companies.

Recently, PhotoScribe collaborated with the International Gemological Institute (IGI), to offer its jewelry inscription service out of the Institute’s New York laboratory. This allows for uninterrupted, high-resolution laser engraving services to be provided in the Diamond District using PhotoScribe lasers and technicians. By operating solely from IGI’s laboratory, PhotoScribe was able to move its headquarters while assuring its local jewelry inscription customers continue to have access to the service and quality they are accustomed to.

Alfred Sanzari Enterprises’ Vice President/Director of Leasing and Marketing, Jerry L. Barta, says, “PhotoScribe Technologies is a welcome addition to Glenpointe’s prestigious tenant roster. It has been a pleasure working with the PhotoScribe team and we look forward to being part of this dynamic company’s success for many years to come.”

BLM GROUP USA, a manufacturer of tube and sheet metal processing equipment has announced its plan to move into new headquarters in the Spring of 2017. The facility is brand new construction and boasts 75,000 square feet, with room to grow up to 50% for future expansion.

The new location will more than double the space of its current facility and provides even greater access for customers to explore the company’s products and services. The new structure will feature an impressive showroom that will display the company’s product line. The facility will also have an expanded training area and a separate demo area for hands-on display of its technologies.

As it relates to the new facility, Dr. Jeffrey Ahrstrom, president and COO said, “Our new Headquarters and Tech Center is a testament to the growth that we have realized over the past several years. The showroom alone is as large as our current building. We’re excited to be able to let our customers see in person a more comprehensive representation of our product line. Our commitment to customer service and support has always been high and this expansion only reinforces that focus.”

The new headquarters will be located at 46850 Cartier Drive, Wixom, MI., 48393.

BLM GROUP is a global leader in tube and sheet metal processing solutions. Its product line includes laser cutting, cold sawing, bending, end-machining and wire bending machines. With more than 50 years of experience and thousands of applications, the BLM GROUP is a leader in the manufacture of tube and sheet metal fabrication equipment.

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Renishaw recently broke ground on its new 133,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse facility in West Dundee, IL, about 40 miles from Chicago. The two-story facility will be located at the Oakview Business Park and will be the company’s North American headquarters. The new building, slated for completion in June 2016, will also include space for product development, testing, warehousing and distribution.

The facility will consolidate the company’s two existing sites, with a 47,000 square-foot area dedicated to warehousing/distribution, while the 86,000 square-foot office portion provides additional space for corporate services staff, as well as demonstration, training and conference facilities. The additional space includes flexible training and demonstration areas, with an open two-story exhibit hall for customer tours and product demos. The facility can also accommodate future expansion as Renishaw Inc. continues to grow.

UK-based Renishaw is a world leading engineering technologies company, supplying products for applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, dentistry and brain surgery. Throughout its history Renishaw has made a significant commitment to research and development, with historically between 14 and 18% of annual sales invested in R&D and engineering.

Today the company has over 4,000 employees, and achieved annual sales of $781 million for the year ended June 2015. The company has 15 offices in the UK and an additional 56 offices in 32 countries, including 12 offices in China.

For more information, visit: www.renishaw.com

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SCANLAB AG is celebrating its 25th anniversary and continues growing. Based in the Munich suburb of Puchheim, the OEM manufacturer of laser scan solutions is one of the photonics industry's 'hidden champions'. The scanner specialist's products find use worldwide in countless industrial and medical applications requiring precise positioning of laser beams. Developing galvanometer scanners and control electronics was the company's original focus and remains one of its core competencies. SCANLAB's headquarters is undergoing further expansion to better cope with increasing sales and staff. The ground-breaking ceremony will take place shortly.

Since 1990, SCANLAB has emerged as a technology driver for scan solutions. Dr. Hans J. Langer founded the company shortly after creating EOS GmbH, today's market leader in additive manufacturing (3D printing). Dr. Langer perceived a broad need for high-quality scan solutions such as those EOS used in its own systems. SCANLAB's mission was and is to provide the laser market with these deflection solutions. Then, highly dynamic rotary drives (known as galvanometer scanners) and related electronics first had to be developed. Today, these meanwhile further-refined drives remain core components and competencies of SCANLAB's scan solutions.

The fundamental manufacturing strategy remains unchanged - SCANLAB relies on leading R&D expertise and a broad product palette of galvanometer scanners, optics, hardware, software and control solutions - at a relatively low degree of vertical integration. SCANLAB produces scan systems in high volumes, alongside niche products and customer-specific solutions. This is precisely why Germany remains the undisputed location of choice for not only R&D and production, but also expansion. A ground-breaking ceremony will take place in August 2015 for the third expansion phase of SCANLAB's modern headquarters, adding 5,500 m² of floor space to the already existing 6,500 m². The new building sections will be ready for occupancy by the end of 2016. And the company possesses additional land reserves for future expansions.

SCANLAB CEO Georg Hofner explains the positive developments: "2015 is a milestone not only in terms of our anniversary, but also because we introduced more new products than ever at this year's Laser World of Photonics tradeshow in Munich. Our focus on serving the market as an experienced OEM manufacturer with long-term customer relationships has proven its worth. In general, the photonics industry continues growing while new laser-scanner applications arise worldwide. And the laser market's many new developments, such as ultra-short-pulse (USP) lasers, inspire us to view the future confidently."

For more information, visit: www.scanlab.de

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Mcor Technologies Ltd, the Ireland-based manufacturer of photorealistic-color, paper-based 3D printers, expanded its global presence today by opening a U.S. headquarters at the Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton, Massachusetts.

This is the second U.S. office for the fast-growing maker of color-capable 3D printers, with the other office in San Jose, California. The new office's opening comes eight days before the company's 10-year anniversary.

Unique in the industry, Mcor 3D printers use 8.5-x-11 inch copy paper as the build material instead of expensive plastics or plaster. The company's flagship 3D printer, the Mcor IRIS, prints any color anytime, uniquely employing a global-standard ICC (International Color Consortium) color map to provide the industry's most accurate WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), photorealistic color 3D printing.

"This U.S. headquarters will provide world-class consulting, service and support directly to our rapidly growing U.S. customer base," Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies, said at today's grand opening. "Since our 3D printers are essential to manufacturing and education, we're especially delighted to be located in Taunton with its rich history in manufacturing and industry and its convenient location between Boston and Providence."

Also at today's grand opening, which featured demonstrations of Mcor 3D printing technology, were Jan O'Sullivan TD, Ireland's Minister for Education and Skills, who cut the ribbon and Taunton Mayor, Tom Hoye.

"I am delighted to be here today to open the US headquarters for Mcor Technologies," said Minister O'Sullivan.  "This truly innovative Irish company with its unique approach to affordable eco-friendly 3D printing will make 3D printers available in schools and colleges across the US.  The United States is the largest and most sophisticated market in the world for Educational Technology and delivering on the obvious potential of the Mcor product here will enable the creation of sales and marketing jobs in the US and high value R+D roles in Dunleer Co. Louth."

Mcor's U.S. sales, service, support, applications and marketing staff will be based out of this office. The Taunton office address is 705 Myles Standish Boulevard, Unit 2. The phone number is 508-386-2488.

For more information, visit: www.mcortechnologies.com

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Renishaw, a world leading engineering technologies company, is pleased to announce that its Chinese headquarters has moved to a new state-of-the-art facility in Shanghai. The new office for Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Company Ltd is located in the Shibei High Tech Park in the Zhabei District, a rapidly developing area which is well connected with Shanghai's public transportation network.

The new headquarters building covers over 3,200 square metres, of which an initial phase of 1,860 square metres has been developed, with the 2nd phase due be completed in early 2015. A new demonstration facility offers comprehensive technical support to OEM customers, distributors and end-users for the full range of Renishaw's market leading metrology products, plus Raman spectroscopy systems and additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing) systems.  The new building has also allowed Renishaw to expand its warehouse and logistics facilities, and to increase the size of its Service Centre, all contributing to improved customer service and support.

“Renishaw has been strongly committed to the Chinese market ever since we opened our first office in Beijing in 1994, which was followed by a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai in 2005,” said Paul Gallagher, Managing Director, Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Company Ltd. “Our investment in this fast-growing country has been further strengthened by the expansion into this new facility.  We look forward to many more years of strategic growth, and to continuing to build a strong business in Mainland China. ”

Renishaw currently has 11 offices across China with a total of 125 employees.  The headquarters expansion enhances the company's cohesion and competitiveness in offering cutting edge products and excellent customer service in China.

For more information, visit: www.renishaw.com

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Concept Laser, a pioneer in the field of laser melting with metals, held a “topping out” ceremony this past June at their headquarters in Lichtenfels, Germany. The ceremony was a milestone in the expansion of the Concept Laser production facility to meet the growing demand in the market for its advanced generative laser melting technology, LaserCUSING. The new production facility is 3,500 m2 (approximately 37,000+ sq. ft) and allows Concept Laser to increase its machine output by a factor of 2.5 compared to the previous year.

“We have experienced highly dynamic growth in the USA,” said Frank Herzog, CEO, Concept Laser. “The primary reason for this growth is the increasing demand from the aerospace industry which relies heavily on additive production technology, as a rapid method for building prototypes and production metal parts. As a result of the increased in demand for machines, we are expanding our production facility capacity.

“The new facility provides additional benefits to our customers. The design of our new facility allows for guaranteed secrecy for the increasingly sensitive projects, thus ensuring a high level of confidentiality to our customers.”

Representatives of the laser melting system manufacturer stated that they are expecting a continuation of the massive growth in 3D printing (additive manufacturing) applications with metals. This will be driven primarily by the aerospace, automotive and medical and dental industries, with regional hotspots in the USA, Europe and parts of Asia. Frank Herzog, CEO of Concept Laser, reported highly dynamic growth in the USA at the present time. The reason for this is the aerospace industry, which relies heavily on generative production technology (additive manufacturing) as a fast method of building prototypes and test beds while optimizing the time and costs of manufacturing amorphous components. The reason for the growth is the aerospace industry, which relies heavily on generative (or additive/3d printing) production technology, as a fast method of building prototypes and parts.

The Hofmann Innovation Group, of which the independent company Concept Laser is a member, is also a specialist in the fields of toolmaking and rapid and industrial prototyping. However, the group also boasts many years of experience in machine and plant engineering. The Hofmann Innovation Group has previously built machines for Concept Laser, so it was a logical step to take further advantage of the existing experience and synergy within the group, and a win-win situation for everyone involved. The new production facility was built by the Hofmann Innovation Group, will also be responsible for the future production of Concept Laser systems. Concept Laser will lease the space in the 3,500 m² production facility and be responsible for the commissioning and quality assurance of its own machines. Speaking at the topping out ceremony, Frank Herzog stressed the importance of the collaboration. "Concept Laser's new production capacity is a long-term investment that has the active support of the Hofmann Innovation Group. In the future, the financially solid structure of the Group and its numerous synergies will help us stay on the right track," concluded Herzog.

In addition to expanding its production facility, Concept Laser continues to strengthen its workforce to meet the growing demands for its LaserCUSING technology. Since 2012, Concept Laser has strengthened its workforce in Production, Development, Service, and Applications Engineering divisions worldwide and has increased employees from 35 to 85. Along with the personnel expansion, in 2013 Concept Laser opened a new Research and Development (R&D) center. The 670 m2 R&D center allows for expanded testing capacity with dedicated development equipment for the LaserCUSING. The new center offers Concept Laser engineers the perfect platform for process and system development. Engineering developments from the new center includes the recent release of LaserCUSING System X line 1000R in XXL format.

Due to the growing demand for generative laser melting with metals in the USA, Concept Laser announced their plans to open a US subsidiary. Together with the existing subsidiary in China, and the company headquarters in Europe, this will place Concept Laser in prime locations around the world to support their growing customer base.

For more information, visit: www.concept-laser.de

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EOS has now moved into its new Technology and Customer Centre in the Krailling Innovation Mile (KIM). Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO of EOS comments: "This new building represents a further milestone for EOS and is an expression of our company's growth and success story over the last twenty-five years. We operate in a market that is highly dynamic and which offers a huge potential. In the past we almost exclusively served the area of Rapid Prototyping, whereas now, Additive Manufacturing enables industrial applications in series production." And he adds: "This new building gives us more space in which to grow, allowing EOS to continually adapt to new market conditions and customer segments. Moreover, the new customer centre gives us the spatial flexibility we need to allow us to jointly develop current and future application solutions in Additive Manufacturing together with our customers."

With the construction of this new building, EOS underlines its loyalty to its location in the west of Munich. Christian Kirner, the company's COO, stresses: "With a floor space of 17,000m², the building is able to accommodate an additional 300 employees, while its design follows specific architectural, spatial and workplace concepts. The architectural concept renders the three key principles of the company's business strategy – innovation, quality and sustainability – both visible and tangible. The facility operates on the basis of an integral, sustainable energy concept." He continues: "In line with our corporate objectives, right from the start the emphasis was placed on the building's functional and ecological efficiency. Both its construction and operation were conceived with all due consideration for the efficient use of resources and energy-efficient building. In this way, the EOS building concept already complies with the requirements of tomorrow – apt reflection of the nature of the technology offered by EOS."

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Germany, EOS is the technology and market leader for design-driven, integrated e-Manufacturing solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM), an industrial 3D printing process. EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials and as well as services including specific application consulting. As an industrial manufacturing process it allows the fast and flexible production of high-end parts based on 3D CAD data at a repeatable industry level of quality. As a disruptive technology it paves the way for a paradigm shift in product design and manufacturing. It accelerates product development, offers freedom of design, optimizes part structures, and enables lattice structures as well as functional integration. As such, it creates significant competitive advantages for its customers.

For more information, visit: www.eos.info

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Hannover Fairs USA announced that it has chosen to move its North American headquarters to 8755 W. Higgins Road in Chicago, Illinois. The office will bring 10-15 full time employees from its current location in New Jersey.

“Hannover Fairs’ decision to locate its North American headquarters in Chicago is testament to the progress we are making in expanding the tourism and convention industry, and I welcome them to Chicago,” said Mayor Emanuel. “I am completely committed to the growth of this critical industry, and attracting as many conventions and visitors as possible. This industry employs tens of thousands of people and contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to our economy, and I am pleased to see its continued growth."

Hannover Fairs is a subsidiary of Germany’s Deutsche Messe, one of the world’s largest event organizers. Deutsche Messe owns and operates the Hannover Fairgrounds in Hannover, Germany, the world’s largest exhibition site. The company chose to relocate in Chicago to embrace the city’s leading convention status and talent base, as well its access to U.S. and world markets.

“Moving to Chicago just makes good business sense for Hannover Fairs USA,” said Larry Turner, President & CEO of Hannover Fairs. “By relocating our office to Chicago from the Northeast, we are closer to our customers and partners. Many of our North American industrial event exhibitors and attendees are located in the upper Midwest so relocating to Chicago was a logical step to better serve our constituents. Chicago also provides an extremely supportive business community that embraces mid-market businesses and the development of long-term business relationships.”

“This is welcome news for Chicago’s visitor industry,” said Don Welsh, President and CEO of Choose Chicago. “Increasing business and leisure travel to Chicago is a central component of Mayor Emanuel’s economic development strategy and one that I’m happy to report is delivering positive results, especially from overseas markets.  We are seeing great traction out of Germany now that we have representation in the market. Chicago offers the infrastructure that is critical for successful and impactful events -- central location, skilled labor, diverse hotel inventory, and unmatched dining, culture and entertainment.”

Hannover Fairs’ selection of Chicago brings together two key aspects of the Chicago’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, called for by Mayor Emanuel to accelerate growth in the region. World Business Chicago (WBC) is currently implementing the Plan’s strategies to make Chicago a premier destination for conventions and business travel, as well as to increase the region’s attractiveness as a center for business services and headquarters.

“We are pleased that Hannover Fairs recognizes Chicago’s assets as a leader in the convention industry, as well as an unmatched location for corporate headquarters,” said Jeff Malehorn, President & CEO of World Business Chicago. “By locating in Chicago, Hannover Fairs will find the talented workforce it needs, along with unparalleled access to the world. We look forward to working with them for years to come.”

For more information, visit: www.hfusa.com

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The American Welding Society (AWS) celebrated the grand opening of their new global headquarters in Doral, Florida with an open house ceremony on Friday, November 30th.

AWS is a not-for-profit membership organization that is the world's authority on safe, productive welding. The society publishes the major technical standards used in welding of all types, and certifies welding professionals such as inspectors, supervisors and educators. In addition, AWS publishes technical magazines in three languages and operates trade shows in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The organization held a building dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony that welcomed over 200 board members, international counterparts and agents, vendors and community leaders at the recently renovated five-story, 122,482-square-foot building.  Speakers included The Honorable Michael Bileca, Florida House of Representatives and Miguel Otero, Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart. Diaz-Balart has an office in the building.

Calling Miami home for the past 40 years, AWS’s new Doral headquarters is only seven miles from its previous location and offers the society space to expand its membership, publishing, exposition, and educational operations.  The organization currently has over 100 employees and serves nearly 70,000 members worldwide.

“Over the past few years AWS has seen a significantly increasing interest from across the globe in attaining AWS certifications, standards and membership,” said Ray Shook, executive director, AWS. “We’ve launched a global initiative that will allow us to better serve the welding community, and our new modern headquarters in Doral is one of the primary steps to becoming more accessible to our members.”

Bill Rice, AWS 2012 President went one step further to show his commitment to the future of the organization and welding by donating a special bronze sculpture that commemorates welders. The sculpture will sit in the front entrance of the new building. In addition, Rice announced that he and wife Cherry have donated $50,000 for a new scholarship intended to help women interested in welding careers. AWS’s Foundation department will match that donation for a total of $100,000.

The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919 as a multifaceted, nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes including brazing, soldering, and thermal spraying.  Headquartered in Miami, Florida, and led by a volunteer organization of officers and directors, AWS serves nearly 70,000 members worldwide and is composed of 22 Districts with 250 Sections and student chapters.

For more information, visit: www.aws.org

Mitutoyo America Corporation, the world's largest provider of measurement and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the ground breaking for a new corporate headquarters building located at 945 Corporate Boulevard in Aurora, Illinois.
The 159,300 sq. foot, multi-million dollar facility will include a state-of-the-art M3 Solution Center offering the ability to provide interactive product demonstrations; a world-class A2LA Accredited Calibration Lab, supported by fully staffed Field Service and Repair departments; abundant warehouse space necessary for timely distribution of product, parts and accessories; a premier educational facility (Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology), for all training and instructive metrology resources; and free flowing office areas to encourage inter-departmental collaboration and communication.
"Our goal is to provide high-tech, best-in-class metrology services and solutions to our customers and their subsidiaries. The new facility will accommodate all the departments at Mitutoyo so everyone functions cohesively as one all-encompassing team to meet the needs of our customers," states Shigeyuki Sasaki, President; Mitutoyo America Corporation.
To assist with the funding for the new construction Mitutoyo turned to the City of Aurora and a newly approved Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district. This district was developed to stimulate economic development, enhance community vitality through creative growth solutions and provide incentives to corporations to attract private development. Without the support from the City of Aurora and funding through this TIF district, the new headquarters building would not have been pragmatic for Mitutoyo.
The new facility is expected to open in the fall of 2013, which coincides with the celebration of Mitutoyo America Corporation's 50th Anniversary.

Mitutoyo Corporation is the world's largest provider of measurement and inspection solutions offering the most complete selection of machines, sensors, systems and services with a line encompassing CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines), vision, form and finish measuring machines as well as precision tools and instruments, and metrology data management software.
Mitutoyo's nationwide network of Metrology Centers and support operations provides application, calibration, service, repair and educational programs to ensure that our 6,000+ metrology products will deliver measurement solutions for our customers throughout their lifetime.

For more information, visit: www.mitutoyo.com

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EnvisionTEC, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of patented 3D rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions, announced today that it has relocated into a new 39,000 square foot facility in Dearborn, Michigan.  With more than two times the space than the previous location in Ferndale, Michigan, EnvisionTEC's new global headquarters will house the North American operations team, including sales, marketing, customer support, training and distribution.

The new building's increased capacity supports the company's strategic objectives to further expand its product offerings, maintain its superior customer support, and create operational efficiencies to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding global 3D Printing market.

EnvisionTEC, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and distributor of patented 3D rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions for global organizations focused on time-to-value for their customers.  Since their first patent submission 1999, EnvisionTEC has developed and released solutions for desktop application up to large scale enterprises and manufacturers.  EnvisionTEC's solution platform provides organizations of any size the capability to rapidly manufacture true to life and functional duplications of any CAD generated STL file with 3D representation that is unmatched in the industry.  With nearly 100 patents, EnvisionTEC enjoys working with a strong customer and partner base in MCAD, jewelry, automotive, dental, medical, sporting goods, aerospace and consumer packaged goods.

For more information, visit: www.envisiontec.com

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Morris Great Lakes, a division of Morris Group, Inc., broke ground for a new headquarters in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania on July 3.  Morris Great Lakes supplies advanced machine tools and related engineering, technology, and support services to manufacturers of precision machined parts in western Pennsylvania, western New York, and the state of West Virginia.

After reviewing several alternative locations in Pennsylvania and New York, Corey Johnson, President of Morris Great Lakes, chose to keep the company’s headquarters in Butler County.

“We’re very pleased to be staying in Cranberry Township,” states Johnson. “It’s been home to us for almost ten years and after a lengthy search process, we decided that this was the best place for us to build. The location is central to our regional customer base. We’re not only excited about our expanded, new headquarters; we’re excited about helping the area grow.”

The 12,000 square-foot facility will include an 8,000 square-foot state-of-the-art technical center housing machine demonstration areas and test-cutting or trial areas devoted to developing custom turnkey and automated manufacturing solutions for customers. The remaining square footage will be reserved for application engineering, parts, service, and administrative offices. W.K. Thomas and Associates of Butler, Pennsylvania was selected to construct the facility, due to open in December 2012.

Morris Great Lakes currently employs 35 people. It is the exclusive regional distributor of Okuma, Tsugami, Hardinge, and Bridgeport CNC machine tools. In addition to new machine tools, Morris Great Lakes provides engineered solutions, replacement parts, service, preventive maintenance and other services including customer consultation, financing, installation, training, and disposition of retired machines.  Its customers are manufacturers of precision machined parts from virtually every industry, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and heavy industries.

Morris Great Lakes is a division of Morris Group, Inc. whose history of serving the manufacturing community dates back to 1941. Its thirteen divisions form one of the largest machine tool distribution networks in North America. The firm is headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut and employs more than 400.

For more information, visit: www.morrisgreatlakes.com

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KUKA Robotics Corporation, a subsidiary of KUKA Roboter GmbH, one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial robots, is pleased to announce the opening of their new North American headquarters building in Shelby Township, Michigan, USA.

The new facility is home to KUKA Robotics’ USA-based sales, applications, project engineering, service, parts, training and administrative staff, plus North American business leadership personnel. Half of the building is dedicated to “hands-on” experiences with the latest robotics technologies, products, and training. Stocks of robots and parts are also on-hand to meet ever increasing pressure for fast delivery.

KUKA Robotics’ Vice President – Sales and Marketing, James Cooper, states, “The location is well suited to KUKA’s robot expanded business and market needs to offer in-depth local support of products and services to KUKA’s growing customer base. We continue to expand our staff to provide sales, service and engineering support for our customers. Our focus is to make sure customers, both machine integrators and end-users, are provided an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in robotic technology and show them how we can help improve manufacturing productivity.”

KUKA Robotics’ CEO and Area Manager, Stu Shepherd, states: “The new Shelby Township facility is the second and largest of four buildings planned by KUKA Robotics opening in North America in between the third quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 to extend KUKA’s reach and customer support. The two remaining facilities include a replacement building for the operations in Mexico City, and a new branch location in California.”

KUKA Robotics core competencies include the development, production, and sale of industrial robots, controllers, software, linear units, and omniMove™ omni-directional motion platforms. KUKA robots range from 5kg to 1300kg payloads, and 635mm to 3900mm reach, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform and are utilized in a diverse range of industries including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, entertainment, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry and plastics industries as well as multiple applications including carbon fiber lay-up, material handling, machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, bending, joining, and surface finishing.

KUKA Robotics is the market leader in Germany and Europe, and number three in the world. The KUKA Robot Group employs about 2,100 people worldwide. In 2010, sales of the Robot Group totaled 435,7 million Euro. Twenty-five subsidiaries provide a presence in the major markets of Europe, the Americas and Asia.

KUKA Robotics Corporation along with KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg Germany (part of the KUKA Aktiengesellschaft group of worldwide companies), ranks among the world's leading suppliers of industrial robots and material handling vehicles. Core competencies include the development, production, and sale of industrial robots, controllers, software, linear units, and omniMove™ omni-directional motion platforms. KUKA robots are utilized in a diverse range of industries including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry and plastics industries as well as multiple applications including material handling, machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, bending, joining, and surface finishing. KUKA robots range from 5kg to 1300kg payloads, and 635mm to 3900mm reach, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform. KUKA is the market leader in Germany and Europe, and number three in the world. The KUKA Robot Group employs about 2,350 people worldwide. In 2010, sales totaled 435,7 million Euro. Twenty-five subsidiaries provide a presence in the major markets of Europe, the Americas and Asia.

For more information, visit: www.kukarobotics.com

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Dassault Systèmes officially opened its DS Boston Campus, the company’s new North American headquarters. Located in Waltham, the award-winning 27-acre campus is heralded as a showcase for sustainable innovation, the creation of lifelike experiences using 3D, and has been LEED-certified, demonstrating the company’s commitment to conserving national resources.

Public figures, such as His Excellency François Delattre, France’s Ambassador to the United States and Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, joined Dassault Systèmes President and CEO Bernard Charlès and North America Managing Director Al Bunshaft at the opening event, which included an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, a tour of the campus and demos of the company’s latest 3D technologies.

During his welcome address Bernard Charlès stated, “What you see behind me is not just a building. It is a living laboratory for our Dassault Systèmes vision. From this place, we will reach out to the world with our technology and services. This is where we will help creative people visualize solutions to the challenges that face the world, validate that those visions will work, and plan how to bring those visions to life in the most efficient, sustainable way possible.”

Added Al Bunshaft, “We wanted to create a healthy work environment where people would love the space they work in, while promoting creativity and collaboration.”

“Massachusetts has a rich history of innovation, and we continue to welcome new ideas and business growth across the state,” said Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Murray. “The Patrick-Murray Administration is thrilled to have Dassault Systèmes grow in Massachusetts, and we look forward to the success of their expanded footprint and latest 3D technologies.”

“As France’s premier software company and a leading technology company internationally, Dassault Systèmes embodies the long history of friendship and cooperation between France and the United States," said Ambassador Delattre. “America, France and many other nations come together in Dassault Systèmes’ culture of collaboration to bring technology, advancement and sustainable business practices to the world.”

The Boston Campus brings together employees who had previously been split between locations in Concord and Lowell, Massachusetts. It includes 320,000 square feet of office, technology lab and data center space, along with a virtual reality center, the campus’ breakthrough facility for implementing and experiencing unique virtual worlds with Dassault Systèmes technology.

The campus was designed and outfitted with sustainable innovation in mind. More than 2,000 tons of recycled steel were used in construction and 61,000 tons of structural materials re-used as fill. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) units use a chemical-free electrostatic water treatment unit instead of chlorine. Overall energy use is reduced by 29 percent through a combination of high-efficiency rooftop HVAC units and boilers. The DS Boston campus has been awarded Gold LEED Construction Certification, along with the Commercial Brokers Association Suburban Office Deal of the Year; and the Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development (MassEcon) Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Award.

Dassault Systèmes engaged Jones Lange LaSalle as its leasing agent and also for project management. The interiors were designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects, with Columbia Construction providing pre-construction and construction management services. Elkus Manfredi Architects used Dassault Systèmes’ DraftSight and SolidWorks solutions to help fulfill the strict environmental requirements for LEED Gold Certification of the interior design.

As Europe’s second-largest software company, Dassault Systèmes serves manufacturers in all industries, from automotive and aerospace to fashion, high tech and consumer goods. A broad range of American corporations—from Boeing and P&G to Tesla Automotive and Terrafugia, makers of the world’s first commercially-available flying car, utilize 3D solutions from Dassault Systèmes to make their ideas a reality.

For pictures from the event and a list of quotes from dignitaries and Dassault Systèmes executives, visit: 3dscampus.tumblr.com

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Delcam has added a virtual tour of its Birmingham headquarters to its Delcam.tv online video channel.

"We now have close to 40,000 customers in more than 90 countries,” stated Delcam Marketing Manager, Peter Dickin.  "While we always welcome visits to Birmingham by our customers, we realise that many of them are unlikely to be able to travel to the UK.  We hope that seeing this video available will allow them to get an impression of the size of our headquarters and the strength of our company.”

"It should also help to give confidence to prospective customers that are planning to invest in Delcam software when they see the size of our organisation,” he added.  "We have been the leading specialist supplier of CAM software and services for eleven years in succession and employ the largest development team in the CAM industry.  Even so, many of the people that visit Delcam still say "I didn’t realise how big you are.” ”

As well as showing the size of the company, the Delcam video illustrates the range of equipment that is located on the Birmingham site.  Viewers can see the various machine tools located in Delcam’s unique in-house machining facility – no other global CADCAM company operates an equivalent manufacturing operation to prove out its new programs on real jobs with real deadlines.  As well as allowing thorough validation of all software before its release, this facility provides an ideal opportunity for companies to test new processes or to produce short runs of prototype parts without any disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Also featured is the range of metrology devices used in Birmingham for the development and testing of Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software.  This includes portable inspection arms, manual and CNC coordinate measuring machines, and optical devices.  One of the most important factors in making PowerINSPECT the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software is its ability to work with an extensive range of hardware.  To continue this success, Delcam tests all new releases on the various types of equipment.

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3D Systems (NASDAQ: TDSC) - announced today that its plans to move its headquarters to its newly acquired modern facilities in Le Mans and consolidate all of its French operations for increased efficiency and enhanced customer service.

Earlier this month 3D Systems acquired two leading French Prototypers; CEP and PROTOMETAL as part of the companies’ expansion of its 3Dproparts™ Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing parts service in Europe.

“We are pleased to integrate all of our French activities into a central and modern facility for the benefit of our customers,” said Cathy Lewis, vice president global marketing, 3D Systems. “These recently acquired facilities and capabilities have provided the perfect setting to effectively service and support our growing base of 3D Systems and 3Dproparts™ customers in France.”

For more information, visit: www.3dsystems.com

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