Star Prototype Rebrands to Star Rapid

Star Prototype announces its rebrand to Star Rapid. The new name comes at a time when traditional manufacturing operations are being combined with technologies like 3D printing to create new development solutions. The rebrand also coincides with an expansion of the company's 60,000 square-feet of facilities and significant investment of U.S. $2.5 million into cutting-edge equipment, including plastic injection moulding machines, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines, and high-tech inspection and testing equipment to support innovation around the globe.

As an established global leader in rapid prototyping and low to mid volume manufacturing, Star Rapid has earned a reputation for quality workmanship, quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. With the addition of metal 3D printing and high-precision 5-axis CNC machining, Star Rapid is poised to provide even more comprehensive solutions for next-generation parts and prototypes, volume production and finishing services.

Star Rapid ensures customer needs are being met through a strong emphasis on inspection and quality control. With dedicated employees, specific to this area, the company has invested in new testing equipment including metals and plastics spectrometers. These measures are essential for ensuring the conformance of raw materials and finished products and are only part of Star's comprehensive quality assurance program.

"Star Rapid represents the next-generation of manufacturing where precision meets passion," said Gordon Styles, founder and president of Star Rapid. "The initial founding more than a decade ago, and the recent rebrand to Star Rapid, were partly inspired by principles found within the world of Star Trek. As a company, we embrace high technology to enhance the expertise and experience of our staff, and we strive to operate as a meritocracy. We know that with the right tools and a dedicated team, we can challenge the status quo."

Over the next five years, Star Rapid plans to expand by an additional 30 percent and to continue its promise to stay rapid in everything it does, from the initial enquiry to the final product.

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