ST Robotics Releases STVS-X Advanced Vision Inspection System

ST Robotics announces the availability of their new advanced vision inspection system, the STVS-X, integrated with the full range of ST Robotics’ arms for the automated and accurate handling, testing and inspection solutions of critical parts.

Developed to specifically address the need for tighter fault detection and quality assurance in the manufacturing of high precision components, an ST robot arm picks up the part to be inspected and rotates the part in front of a an Epix SV5M10 high resolution camera for an all-round, accurate inspection.  Measurements can be made down to a 0.001 mm resolution.

Utilizing ZephaVision’s Video Toolbox, two basic modes of operation accurately measure defects at a high rate of inspection validity: 1) The Golden Image comparison in which the part is compared to a known good part whose image is stored in the computer.  Defects are easily seen in the comparison images and the robot automatically separates the reject parts; and 2) Critical Measurements in which the robot positions the part from many different angles while the inspection system takes measurements of critical dimensions and compares them at a very high precision level.

“ST Robotics’ advanced vision system can be used to vastly enhance the quality inspection of any critical, small parts,” said David Sands, President and CEO of ST Robotics. “It is successfully being implemented in the orthopaedic industry and we are currently seeking partners in other industries such as aeronautical, pharmaceutical, and electronics, to integrate our automated robotic inspection solution.”

ST Robotics has offices in Princeton, New Jersey and Cambridge, England as well as offices in Asia.

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