SPE Shanghai TPO Conference Organizers Announce Keynote Speakers

The organizing committee for the new SPE® Shanghai TPO Conference, March 22-24, 2016 at the Shanghai Marriott City Centre hotel in Shanghai, China, has announced the event's two keynote speakers. Dr. Rose Ryntz, vice-president, Advanced Development & Material Engineering, International Automotive Components (IAC) Group (Southfield, Michigan) and Dr. Stéphane Quilliet, engineering manager-injection molding team, RocTool (Le Bourget du Lac, France), will each give a 30-minute presentation highlighting important issues and new technologies that are expected to be of great interest to show attendees.

Ryntz will give a talk entitled The Changing Landscape for Plastics Use in Interior Automotive Applications on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 8:45 a.m. As background on her topic, she explains that plastics use in automotive applications is expected to represent approximately 18% of total vehicle weight by 2020 and contribute roughly $110-billion USD to global plastics sales. During that same time period, global sales of automotive interior components (in all materials) is expected to reach $325-billion USD, offering suppliers "great incentives to participate." However, the functional requirements and usage of plastic materials are changing rapidly due to factors like economics and governmental mandates. With increased demand for lighter, more competitively priced vehicles, and current challenges by vehicle-interior suppliers in meeting growing production demands, it is more important than ever to select plastics and design parts efficiently and correctly if a company wishes to become the supplier of choice for a given automaker.

"My presentation will focus on the changing geographic and demographic landscape for vehicle interiors and the effect of those changes on plastic material selection," explains Ryntz. "As the interaction between car and driver becomes, paradoxically, more complex, the key to supplier success will be focused product segments and technology differentiation.  Lifestyle demands, such as the desire for personalization, use of illuminated surfaces, and the focus on occupant comfort and convenience, as well as acoustic performance, environmental stewardship, and safety all will be discussed in relation to polymer selection. Additionally, the advent of the autonomous car and increased human-machine interactions also will be discussed relative to how they affect both the industry and its requirements."

Quilliet will give a talk entitled On the Road to a New Standard:  High-Definition Plastics on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 8:45 a.m. RocTool's technologies for rapid mold heating and cooling provide plastic processors with practical solutions that increase productivity ― via faster molding cycles, lower energy usage, better thickness control, and enhanced part complexity ― as well as improve post-mold part quality ― via optimized surface quality (whether matte or glossy) and invisible weldlines. These features are wanted and needed by molders in all major market segments, but especially in the high-volume, cost-sensitive, aesthetically demanding automotive industry.

"The plastic industry is constantly working to offer better process solutions in order to respond to design challenges from automakers. My presentation will focus on the ongoing evolution of several such process enhancements. I also will share our vision of the next key steps to reach a new quality and performance standard” explains Quilliet. “I will share with the attendees our vision and explain what we believe are the conditions needed to reach a new standard in the industry. In addition, I will discuss the importance of the fact that we now can accurately simulate the inductive heating and cooling technique via AutoDesk, Inc.'s MoldFlow® software, which helps improve the accuracy of moldfilling and warpage analyses as well as shows the benefits of our induction technology during the initial design phase, long before tooling is cut. We think of these as 'high-definition plastics' solutions for OEMs and their manufacturers."

For more information, visit: www.speautomotive.com/tpo.htm

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