2011 Edition of Spartanics Laser Die Cutting Technical Guide Now Available

Manufacturers seeking comprehensive information on technology updates to combination laser die cutting and rotary die cutters, interchangeable sheet-fed and roll-fed laser die cutting systems, and bar-code enabled rapid changeovers with combinations of digital printers and digital die cutters are recommended to read the 2011 Edition of the popular SPARTANICS TECHNICAL GUIDE: HOW TO MATCH TODAY’S LASER CUTTING TECHNOLOGY TO APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS.

This expanded edition includes reports on laser die cutting technology improvements since the Guide was first released in 2008 and enables readers to make a more informed assessment of how to find best match cutting technologies given the proliferation of versatile cutting options since this Laser Die Cutting Technical Guide was first released.

Laser Die Cutting Technical Guide Part I chapters include:

1) Preface: Evolution of combination rotary-laser cutters, in-line laser cutting stations, and other laser cutting innovations since the 2008—first edition of the Guide
2) Choosing Between Laser Cutting vs. Tool-based Die Cutting Systems
3) Quality and the Soft Marking Standard
4) Cutting Speed vs. Web Speed

Part II includes

1) Fallacy of the Double Scan Head Advantage
2) Systems Integration, User-Friendliness and Production Output
3) Selecting System Components
4) Suggested Method for Sourcing Laser Cutting Technology

For more information visit: www.spartanics.com

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