SparkFun Electronics Creates Department of Education

SparkFun Electronics, a Boulder-based company specializing in helping electronic enthusiasts get the parts and resources they need, is announcing a new department – the Department of Education. At the head of the department is newly appointed Director of Education, Lindsay Levkoff, Ph.D.

SparkFun Electronics always has focused on Sharing Ingenuity – providing extensive online resources as well as offering a variety of in-house workshops and events. The recent development of a new Department of Education within SparkFun emphasizes the company's passion and commitment to providing individuals with the tools they need to explore the world of embedded electronics.

"Our primary goal is to make electronics education exciting, accessible and affordable. We will be launching a new website this year that is catered toward introducing a person of any age to electronics," said Levkoff. "Our hope is that anyone interested in pursuing this exciting field will find the necessary resources and inspiration to play."

Additionally, SparkFun will continue to host workshops on various areas of electronics technology, including soldering, stenciling, wireless communication, printed circuit board design, prototyping and the exciting emerging field of eTextiles.

SparkFun hopes to partner with schools and programs to foster excitement about electronics and technology in the classroom and beyond. The improvement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education has been declared a national priority by President Obama. Through hands-on experience, SparkFun hopes to help students explore the creative side of engineering and computer science.

A recent collaboration with an elementary school after school program culminated in an incredible growth (more than 80 percent) in students' interest and knowledge in the STEM fields. SparkFun's programs are designed to explore students' creativity as well as the technical aspects inherent in electronics technology, creating a positive STEM experience and encouraging future exploration.

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