Webinar: Geomagic & SpaceClaim: Reverse Engineering & Direct Modeling

When reverse-engineering, not only do you need to create precise, water-tight geometry, you also need to update the geometry to fit in the context of new design situations.  In the past, the only option was to recreate tedious feature-based models and guess at underlying design intent: an error-prone and hazardous practice.

Now, Geomagic and SpaceClaim have partnered to integrate their industry-leading reverse engineering and direct modeling products to allow you to both reconstruct and edit precise geometry.  Geomagic creates clean meshes and converts them to watertight geometry.  SpaceClaim then quickly edits the designs, adjusting tolerances and accommodating design changes – all without resorting to complex feature-based CAD systems or being forced to re-invent design intent.

This webinar, presented by experts at Geomagic and SpaceClaim, will show:

• Turning scan data into clean meshes and solid geometry in Geomagic
• The connection between Geomagic and SpaceClaim
• Editing the model with SpaceClaim to accommodate design changes and match geometric conditions

For more information, visit: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/503781794

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