SpaceClaim Strengthens 3D Direct Modeling for the Enterprise with SpaceClaim 2011

SpaceClaim, the leader in 3D Direct Modeling solutions for rapid concept design and geometry manipulation, today announced product enhancements designed for large manufacturing organizations who want to move to upfront concept modeling to save time and money, and continue to drive innovation. SpaceClaim 2011 – the Company’s seventh release of its software – builds on features that enable engineers to leverage 3D for concept modeling, bid modeling, and model preparation.

New in 2011 are enhancements to surface modeling, large assembly performance, model preparation for CAE and manufacturing, and enterprise integration. These capabilities align SpaceClaim with manufacturers’ business imperatives such as removing waste from product development, tightening product development costs, and using simulation more pervasively in engineering.  These enhancements are driven by SpaceClaim customers who realize that CAD products designed for detailed design and manufacturing documentation do not adequately serve many engineers.  

“SpaceClaim has experienced a very robust 2010, signing new large enterprise customers as well as international partners such as TRUMPF,” said Chris Randles, SpaceClaim President and CEO. “By elevating concept and bid modeling, advancing CAE workflow, and enabling all engineers to communicate in 3D, we’re helping our customers converge on key decisions early in the process. SpaceClaim creates a 3D specification that drives detailed design, so engineers can release to CAD when all critical gaps are removed and product success is assured. Engineers worldwide have the right tool with SpaceClaim, unencumbered by the complexity of traditional CAD software. Whether it is designing an electric bike for Volkswagen or creating electronic components for one of the world’s largest suppliers, SpaceClaim offers the flexibility for engineers to succeed.”

New capabilities in SpaceClaim 2011 range from increasingly accessible surfacing, assembly, and model preparation enhancements to strengthened sheet metal and CAD interoperability features. Highlights include:

* New modeling capabilities continue to make SpaceClaim the fastest tool for part and assembly design, including improved surface modeling, freeform sketching, and ability to work with symmetry. 
* SpaceClaim leads the industry in model preparation for CAE and manufacturing, and has added a new capability to select faces by area and greatly expedite volume extraction for CFD and mold design.
* New sheet metal capabilities help engineers explore a broader array of features used in sheet metal production.
* Mesh data can now be directly reused to make precise 3D models, and enhanced translators support many new CAD releases.
* The TraceParts content library is now provided as a free online service for all users.
* Customers with floating licenses can now borrow them for offline use.

Numerous improvements in documentation and customization capabilities make it easier for large customers to deploy SpaceClaim to engineering teams worldwide.  See the What's New page for further details on the enhancements and new features in SpaceClaim 2011.

SpaceClaim is the first software tool designed to enable 3D engineering outside of traditional CAD. By communicating in 3D prior to release to CAD, engineers can capture knowledge that drives better design decisions, focus on value and eliminate unnecessary specifications, and move the design to CAD only when success is assured. Engineering-driven product development with SpaceClaim shortens time-to-market, creates stronger innovation, and improves customer satisfaction.

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