Solidscape Launches 3Z™ PRO 3D printer

Solidscape®, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high precision 3D printers for direct manufacturing applications, announces the launch of the 3Z™PRO 3D printer.

With one-touch simplicity, the fully automated 3ZPRO printer brings the power of 3D high precision printing to the office desktop and retail environments. Users of any technical level can now produce their own high precision wax parts, ready for casting.

The intuitive touch screen utilizes icons as a common language and is the gateway to a powerful array of innovative features including self testing and auto-calibration functions, wireless connectivity and the ability to load and manage jobs from a remote desktop.

New user-friendly software extends the 3ZPRO solution by enabling operators to select incremental printing options using a simple on-screen slider bar. Other software innovations provide much greater flexibility in scheduling, simplification of the work flow and remote management.

“These enhancements are the direct result of feedback we receive from our loyal customers, and it will allow companies to become more self-sufficient in their direct manufacturing endeavors,” remarked Fabio Esposito, VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Solidscape, Inc. “Operators only need to refill materials and replace the build plate, similar to what they already do with their home printer.”

Solidscape is also introducing the next generation of stronger, more durable materials, 3ZMODEL and 3ZSUPPORT. These materials produce parts that are easier to work with, while retaining precision and characteristics required for investment casting.

“Small to medium businesses can now become more profitable and compete effectively by efficiently producing parts in-house and having much greater control over their daily workflow," stated Esposito. “The 3ZPRO brings the power and promise of 3D direct manufacturing to nearly any business.”

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