Got A Burning Question Regarding Solid Edge - Why Not Ask The Expert?

Solid Mastermind the expert on-line resource and community for Solid Edge professionals request questions from Solid Edge users. Those submitting questions will receive a free monthly multimedia newsletter featuring selected questions and answers.

Solid Mastermind already has a huge vault of Solid Edge questions and answers. The Solid Mastermind Q&A Vault contains the answers to literally hundreds of questions. These questions have either come from Solid Mastermind members using the 'Ask The Expert' facility or from the support database of Ingenea, the creators of Solid Mastermind, populated from Solid Edge support questions answered since the launch of the software in 1996.

The chances are that if a Solid Edge user has experienced a common challenge with Solid Edge then the answer is already within the vault. But the aim of Solid Mastermind is to make their Q&A Vault the most comprehensive on-line resource available. They therefore need as many questions as possible from Solid Edge users of all experience levels.

Many Solid Edge users don’t have access to a software helpdesk.  They may have lapsed their Solid Edge maintenance contract nor subscribed to additional services available from their local Solid Edge reseller. They now have a chance to ask a question and possibly get it answered and featured in the 'Ask The Expert' newsletter.

Within Solid Mastermind the Q&A Vault is available to all members and is a popular resource. A convenient navigation and search system allows members to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. If a picture paints a thousand words then how many words is a moving picture worth. For this reason many of the questions within the Solid Mastermind Q&A Vault are answered using multimedia audio or video where appropriate rather than just text and images. Members can ask as many questions as they wish. Fully documented answers are posted within the membership area and the member who asked the question is automatically notified of this response by email. The Vault is accessible 24/7/365.

Jon Sutcliffe Technical Director at Ingenea, the developers of Solid Mastermind, comments: “There is no doubt that our members really value the ‘Ask The Expert’ facility within Solid Mastermind.  The problem we have experienced is that they are not using it as much as we first expected. They’re using the Q&A Vault but not asking many new questions.

Having supported Solid Edge users since the launch of the software we knew the level of use our telephone helpdesk for Solid Edge experienced. Those metrics were used to estimate the usage of ‘Ask The Expert’. We overestimated. Probably the volume and quality of the Solid Mastermind training videos, tutorials and other resources have contributed to fewer questions than we expected. Also many answers already exist with the Q&A Solutions Vault.

This is the reason we are reaching out to the global Solid Edge community and asking for their help. We desperately need more questions to make our Q&A Vault the most comprehensive on-line resource available.

Those who submit a question will receive a free monthly Solid Mastermind ‘Ask The Expert’ multimedia newsletter featuring selected questions and answers.

To submit a Solid Edge question to Solid Mastermind please use this link:

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