SolidView 2012 Family of Products Released

SolidView, a supplier of 3D CAD communication and collaboration software, recently released SolidView 2012 software. The software family of products includes SolidView, SolidView/Pro, SolidView/Pro RP, and SolidView/Lite a free viewer.

SolidView software is a low-cost solution that allows non-CAD users to easily open, measure, and review CAD data. SolidView 2012 improves quality and reliability while incorporating a number of new elements. Some new features to SolidView 2012 include faster file loading and support, a quick measure tool, ability to save as Polygon File Format (PLY), and updated CAD interface support.

4 different versions of our SolidView Software are currently offered and supported. Each version enables users to perform some very basic functions with STL and SVD (SolidView) file formats. While our free Lite version can get your design to basic production, our base version gives you the ability to Measure, Translate, Scale, Rotate, Mirror and Combine your 3D files. Just one step up with our Pro Version will let you add compatibility with so many more file types. For the ultimate control over your 3D files, get SolidView/Pro RP. It empowers you with advanced editing like Cut, Shell and Repair.

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