Ammunition™ - Custom Skate Board

Ammunition™ is a design company that “is dedicated to bringing experiences that matter to market.” By this, the founders are suggesting that they bring their passion, work, and experience to the table when they design products, services, and brands in order to form a lasting emotional connection with users. Many of their products are for consumers, so design is very important.

As a design house, competitions become fun projects that allow for the team to stretch their capabilities. That’s why Gregoire Vandenbussche, Industrial Designer at Ammunition, was glad to be one of the designers to help create a custom skate board. Since there is only expected to be one end product – no production runs – the company took the challenge by doing everything from concept through manufacturing. The most interesting parts the company needed a prototype for was the jet engine turbine – not something you’d normally find on a skateboard.

“We selected ZoomRP as the fastest way for us to get our final parts quickly. We have an FDM machine in-house, but the contest deadline was too short and we couldn’t use it,” Gregoire said. The company ordered an SLA (stereolithography) part that came the next day.

The SLA process is primarily used for concept models, masters, and patterns. Stereolithography is one of the most accurate and precise of the rapid prototyping technologies. ZoomRP has the capacity and expertise to meet the most demanding delivery schedules. Prototypes can be generated in a matter of hours when starting with CAD geometry presented in an STL file format.

Ammunition took it upon themselves to handle the secondary finishing functions. After delivery, the SLA white material was sanded in-house to a smooth finish. Once the part was ready Ammunition engineers primed, painted, and covered the model with a clear coat. “The overall accuracy was very good, and the sanding just made it smooth and easy to paint over.”

According to Gregoire, the major advantages gained from dealing with ZoomRP had to do with the ease of use of their website. Quotes are delivered real-time, turnaround for completed parts is the fastest in the industry, the packaging was excellent, and the cost was reasonable. “We had only two days to produce the part,” Gregoire said, “and my co-worker had already used ZoomRP with great results.”

Ease of use is an important part of what is concerned with. By providing an easy method to transfer design parameters through their website, Ammunition Group’s upload went smoothly, and the project was finished before the deadline.

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