3D Printing Design Competition From Solid Concepts

Solid Concepts is offering a unique 3D printing design challenge which requires participants to design a deck for a skateboard. Two lucky winners will receive their skateboard deck 3D printed for free.

Challenge Parameters:

  • Skateboard decks must be structurally sound, challenging to traditional deck designs and unique.

  • Skateboard decks must fit within certain design parameters:
    • Length cannot exceed 25.5”
    • Deck must be at least 0.475” thick

  • Designs must be submitted to Solid Concepts no later than June 30th.

The top five finalists will be uploaded to the Solid Concepts Facebook page, where they will be judged by a panel of their peers. The two designs with the highest amount of Facebook “Likes” will receive 3D printed versions of their skateboard decks, ready to ride.

Solid Concepts will use their Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process to manufacture the 3D Printed skateboard decks for the two finalists. SLS is a 3D printing process which uses a bed of powdered nylon and a CO2 laser to melt material layer by layer. It’s a durable process frequently used in aerospace applications. Skateboard decks will be printed with Nylon 12 PA.

For more information, visit: blog.solidconcepts.com/tech-talk/3d-printing-design-challenge-solid-concepts


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