3D Print Expo Russia

ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host Russia’s first 3D Print Expo. 3D Print Expo will become a major industry event in the field of 3D printing, bringing together scientists, experts, developers and suppliers, as well as lots of other people interested in development of these technologies.

3D Print Expo is aiming to acquaint visitors with of 3D printing technology, which are now applied in various industries and are competitive and most efficient. In comparison with West, 3D printing in Russia has not gained around. That's why Smile Expo - organizer of the largest trade shows, will hold first event in Russia dedicated to 3D printing technology.

Exhibition participants are:

  • Manufacturers of personal 3D printers
  • Manufacturers of industrial 3D printers
  • Developers of software for 3D printers
  • Manufacturers of spare parts, materials and accessories for 3D printers
  • 3D printing marketers in general

The event will be of interest for artists, jewelry designers, software developers, business owners, venture capitalists, marketers, project managers, designers, culinary masters, doctors and many others.

Business day

First day of the exhibition – 13 February 2014 - is Business day for professionals and executives - with full access to all events throughout the exhibition day.

This day the doors are open for business owners, venture capital funds, top-managers, marketing experts and project managers, software developers and other representatives of companies interested in application of 3D technologies in their business.

Visitors of the first day of exhibition will be able to meet experts of this industry, learn about the possibilities of application of three-dimensional printing in business, establish useful and interesting business contacts, and get a number of other advantages.

Visitors day

February 13-14 the general public will be able to attend the exhibition. Exhibition attendees will be shown demonstrations of 3D printer capabilities at work and scanning and printing of various items used in daily life.

There will be special offers for students who have preregistered on website and have student card.

Business program of the exhibition will complement the two-day (13-14 February) thematic conference with topics about development of three-dimensional printing and its application in business.

Alongside the exhibition, February 13 and 14 in the territory of convention and exhibition center "Sokolniki" Chocolate Festival will run from 14:00 until closing exposure. Chocolate Festival will give an opportunity to learn about chocolate printing technology and manufacturing.

Do not miss your chance to learn about revolutionary technology that will change this century in the nearest future.

For more information, visit: www.3d-expo.ru


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