3D Print Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan

On February 12, 2015, Park Inn by Radisson Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan will host a unique 3D Print Conference. 3D Print events by Smile Expo have been already been held in Almaty, Kiev as well as in Moscow, Russia where two major 3D printing exhibitions took place.

Baku is ready for 3D printing and is one of the most innovative cities in Azerbaijan spanning various industries. High-tech production is rapidly growing in the capital of Azerbaijan and they have opened specialized research centres and conduct activities that promote scientific progress. The main scope of applications include architecture, art, jewellery, medicine, cinema, education, transportation, cooking, and entertainment.

Industry leaders and market participants from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Europe and the United States will demonstrate various printing techniques, describe in detail their application and conduct master classes. The exchange of experience at the international level is an important component of the event. The conference will be held in three languages: Russian, Azerbaijani and English. Conference participants include many industry leaders. In addition to the conference part, the event will also have a demo area where participants will demonstrate operation of printers.

The program of 3D Print conferences is prepared by professional staff taking into account specificity of the market development in a given country. Among speakers are gurus and international experts of 3D printing. For example, the following speakers are invited to 3D Print Conference Baku: Anton Vedeshyn, Secured3D Development (USA), Dmitriy Postelnik, Autodesk (Russia), Furkan Bakir, 3Dörtgen (Turkey), Olga Berezhnova, Cybercom Ltd (Russia), Tatyana Shagova, PICASO 3D (Russian ), Farhad Amirbekov, Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (Azerbaijan), and others.

Conference Issues:

• How to implement 3D technology in the industry and how to earn on it.
• How can we apply the 3D printer in medicine?
• What are the prospects for 3D technology use in jewellery, fashion, food and architecture?
• How will 3D technology change the education and science in Azerbaijan?

Picaso 3D, a Russian manufacturer of 3d printers, will also print a model of the city of Baku. Each visitor of the demo area within the framework of 3D Print Conference will have an opportunity to see the printing process and its result.

For more information, visit: www.3dprint.az


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