SLM Solutions establishes subsidiary in the U.S.

SLM Solutions GmbH, proceeds global growth strategy in establishing a wholly owned subsidiary in the U.S. Situated in Commerce, Michigan, the associated company operates under the name SLM Solutions NA, Inc. The well known manufacturer of equipment for small and medium lot production of prototypes and series parts from Luebeck is going to serve the whole US-American and Canadian market up from this position.

Since 2012 SLM Solutions is engaged in North America. Reasons for founding a new office in Michigan were the increasing demand of technical consulting services as well as the great demand of systems for additive manufacturing in America. With the establishment of a subsidiary SLM Solutions meets the requirements of the American market in local support. Next to the distribution, the company will focus on strengthening and expanding the service and sales network in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

The US-American office will provide the whole range of products of SLM Solutions with a focus on additive manufacturing systems, especially the SLM (Selective Laser Melting) Technology. Beyond the standard program of SLM-, Vacuum Casting- and Metal Part Casting Systems, consumables are also provided.

The US-settlement is a further step of the globalization strategy of the pioneer and technology leader situated in Luebeck, Germany near to Hamburg. SLM Solutions has now direct representation in about 38 countries worldwide.

“We also recognize the trend to additive manufacturing systems offering high precision manufacturing solutions for prototypes and small series parts in the U.S. Our systems give companies the chance to optimize their production in a more efficient and independent  way.“, says H.-J. Ihde, CEO and President of the SLM Solutions GmbH. For the development of the new office, Jim Fendrick, an experienced market maven could be won for the team, who already promoted the market together with Stratasys and EOS.

From May 22 to 25, 2012 SLM Solutions presented its generative systems in Atlanta, GA at Rapid 2012 in Hyatt Regency. This year SLM Solutions exhibited the Selective Laser Melting System SLM 280 HL. The machine shows the whole Selective Laser Melting Process. The intelligent construction turns the SLM 280HL into an ideal allrounder model for SLM processes. Jim Fendrick, VP, SLM Solutions NA, Inc. explains: “The North American market will find the openness of our systems and company refreshing. We can provide a number of solutions to our customers, from building prototype parts with one of our three standard machine offerings, with any of our 10 metal materials; to adding various options like closed loop material handling and process monitoring for series production of consistent metal parts, or even helping our customer create a special process with custom designed capabilities. All standard parameters of the process are provided and totally transparent to the user to modify as desired, an open architecture, quite powerful and quite different than competitive offerings today.“

The SLM Solutions GmbH, pioneer in the sector of Rapid Manufacturing Systems, is serving customers in the fields of Vacuum Casting, Metal Casting and Selective Laser Melting for more than 50 years. Focused industries are automotive, education, consumer electronics, aerospace and medical.

As a pioneer in this field, SLM Solutions is developing and producing specific and economical solutions for their customers. The company has long time know-how in Rapid Prototyping processes and customer areas. This knowledge was aquired under the previos company setups and names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH, MTT Technologies GmbH and finally SLM Solutions GmbH. In 2010 SLM Solutions GmbH was separated from the previous MTT Technologies Group to improve flexibility in enhancing innovative products and solutions for generative system technology as ALM and SLM. Another focus will be on sales and service network to be attended more directly.

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