SLM 280 HL exceeds all expectations at Euromold 2011

Just one year after having changed the name from MTT Technologies GmbH in SLM Solutions GmbH, the SLM Solutions Team presented no less than two machines at EuroMold 2011. Next to the SLM 125 HL which is particularly made for the dental industry and for smaller parts, the taller machine SLM 280 HL convinced at the first public appearance. Visitors and market accompanists were comparably impressed from technical parameters and innovative details of the system. The concept itself has been developed in close cooperation with Fraunhofer ILT in Aachen. The SLM 280 HL provides a build chamber of 280 x 280 x 350 mm and a unique double beam technology. This will improve not only the laser beam profile but also the quality factor of components as well as the building speed. Moreover the SLM 280 HL does convince with a highly precising 3D-scan-optical system and a closed process of gas consumption.

Hans J. Ihde, president and CEO of the SLM Solutions GmbH, stated: " For SLM Solutions the EuroMold 2011 stands for entering a new period, we positioned our company in a new way and the whole team successfully worked together to advance new developments. A first result is the increasing quantity of interests in comparison to the previous year. Moreover we had the chance to sell our machine SLM 280 HL right here at Euromold". Henner Schöneborn, Vice President add: "The quality of the visitors was very highly positioned. We had a lot of conversations with responsable persons for budgets and the project pipeline is already filled for the next few months." In the same way Stefan Ritt, Sales- und Marketing Manager, draws a satisfying conclusion: "We felt the power of the top-class innovative and technological EuroMold at our booth. The increasing frequency of international visitors exceeded all our expectations. Certainly we will again participate next year."

The SLM Solutions GmbH, pioneer in the sector of Rapid Manufacturing Systems, is serving customers in the fields of Vacuum Casting, Metal Casting and Selective Laser Melting for more than 50 years. Focused industries are automotive, education, consumer electronics, aerospace and medical. As a pioneer in this field, SLM Solutions is developing and producing specific and economical solutions for their customers. The company has long time know-how in Rapid Prototyping processes and customer areas. This knowledge was aquired under the previos company setups and names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH, MTT Technologies GmbH and finally SLM Solutions GmbH. In 2010 SLM Solutions GmbH was separated from the previous MTT Technologies Group to improve flexibility in enhancing innovative products and solutions for generative system technology as ALM and SLM. Another focus will be on sales and service network to be attended more directly.

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