Pre-Order Launched For Skriware Home 3D Printer

Skriware aims to offer an affordable 3D printer and a corresponding marketplace - a combo solution that brings 3D printing technology to home users. The project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and the first printers will be shipped to backers in April this year. Skriware has now also launched a pre-order of its 3D printer on their website.

Skriware is a Swedish-Polish company that wants to redefine 3D printing experience for home users. The startup offers an intuitive and elegant 3D printer along with a dedicated online market. Building the whole ecosystem, enabled Skriware team to introduce “one click printing” feature. It literally means that users can browse through collections of ready-to-print models and print the one they like with just a mouse click. The selected model is then transferred to the printer over WiFi and immediately printed without the need for hardware adjustments, complicated software, or any expert knowledge whatsoever.

The startup has also prepared a few bonuses for 3D printing enthusiasts. The 3D printer is available in six different colors and those who decide to buy Skriware in pre-order can save 20%. Early buyers will get a spool of filament for free. The reduced prices of printers start from $799. New orders will be realized once the company fulfils all shipping for its Kickstarter backers.

The company has also developed its own online platform - Skrimarket - offering ready-to-print models and aiming to gather a whole community of 3D printing enthusiasts. Thanks to the company’s efforts even inexperienced users can fully explore the possibilities of 3D printing technology.

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