Simufact Launches Simulation Solution for Welding Simulations

Simufact Engineering GmbH, a leading provider of software and services in the area of process simulation, announces the availability of its new simulation environment Simufact.welding for the process optimization of welding applications. Simufact.welding supports welding specialists and engineers in the layout and test of welding processes. Simufact.welding is easy to use and therefore, virtual process design and optimization can be applied in close relation to production for the first time ever. Simufact.welding will be available in June 2011.

The use of Simufact.welding permits an accurately timed control of several robots, an easy modification of welding sequences, speed, heat input, stop times, or fastening devices. Quick evaluation of process variants by change of welding parameters leads to systematic optimization of fusion zones, heat affected zones, residual stress and distortions. The software provides extensive tools for reporting, among others for the display of distortion, temperature distribution, residual stresses, curve progression of physical factors on fixed measuring points as well as several export interfaces. Most different ways of description such as dynamic cuts through the welding seam, flexible views and detailed x-y-diagrams enable a quick and efficient analysis of the welding process.

The functions of Simufact.welding at a glance:

• pre- and post-processing within one GUI
• no data conversion
• fast presentation of results
• result evaluation simultaneous to computation
• interactive graphical sequence control of robots and clamping tools
• section views of all result values
• “Weldmonitor” (trip to all welding seams in a 2D section)
• measuring point diagrams for comparison with test welds
• progress indication of calculations with access to already calculated results during the analysis
• context support for all input areas
• interface to RoboCad as well as export interface to robots
• Dual Solver Technology: optimized MSC.Marc Solver, IFE WELDSIM Solver
• different heat sources (Goldak model, cylindrical volume sources, surface heat sources with Gauss
• comparison of simulation results with real micro sections through “Weldmonitor”- function
• real stress conditions
• welding paths in real speed, direction and inclination

“Modern industrial welding processes ask for a high degree of process security ", says Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, managing director Simufact Engineering GmbH. "Simufact.welding supplies information which normally could be gained via experiments only and with an unreasonably high effort – or even not at all. Error sources can now exactly be identified. This permits a structured approach for part and process optimization."

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