Siemens Announces Availability of Cloud Based Teamcenter® Software

Siemens PLM Software today announced the availability of Teamcenter® software on the cloud, adding another platform option for Teamcenter customers. Teamcenter on the cloud delivered through an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model extends Siemens PLM Software’s “platform of choice” strategy and demonstrates the company’s commitment to deliver products based on a future-proof architecture, a key tenet of our HD-PLM vision. Teamcenter is built on an open architecture that gives customers the flexibility to use their preferred technology platform and provider.

Teamcenter on the cloud enables companies to move some, or all, of their computing infrastructure to a third-party cloud service provider versus investing in their own hardware. This gives customers cost effective access to enterprise grade IT infrastructure and resources without the need for capital expenditure. Siemens now supports Teamcenter on three of the leading cloud services, Microsoft Windows Azure, IBM SmartCloud™ Enterprise+ and Amazon Web Services. The company has completed a certification and enablement program for Teamcenter delivered on each of these service provider’s IaaS offerings. The dynamic scalability of Teamcenter on the cloud provides faster time to value and a lower cost of ownership for customers.

Teamcenter on the cloud provides fast and flexible deployment of virtual Teamcenter environments with the ability to dynamically scale infrastructure up and down based on project needs. Customers can use the service to instantly turn on infrastructure resources without significant upfront investments. Deploying Teamcenter on the cloud enables centralized application management from expert teams, freeing up customers’ IT resources to focus on higher level value-added services such as supplier and partner on-boarding. This can lead to enhanced collaboration and provide faster return on investment.

“The key benefit of Teamcenter on the cloud is the business flexibility it provides,” said Eric Sterling, Senior Vice President, Lifecycle Collaboration Software, Siemens PLM Software. “In today’s ever changing global landscape, the flexibility to dynamically manage infrastructure on the cloud gives customers the ability to scale up computing resources with demand and more importantly, scale down costs if demand decreases. This enables organizations to effectively manage IT budgets as an operating expense versus capital expense which can improve profitability. We are thrilled to work with leading providers like Microsoft, IBM and Amazon to roll out this new platform of choice.”

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