Sescoi Releases WorkXPlore 3D V3

Sescoi has just released V3 of WorkXPlore 3D, its high speed CAD viewer, mark-up and analysis software, which is already used by Volkswagen in Germany and Brazil, All Nippon Airways in Japan, and numerous companies within the automotive and aerospace supply chain space.

WorkXPlore 3D provides companies with a highly cost effective way of sharing design data with colleagues throughout an organization and its suppliers. Sescoi is seeing a surge of interest in free and trial downloads of the high speed CAD viewer from automotive OEMs, who value the ease of use and compatibility of the low cost system for their applications.

WorkXPlore 3D imports models from a wide range of leading CAD packages and makes it possible to analyze, interrogate and make comments on extremely large files in a light and versatile environment. New import and export capabilities in the latest version of the software include STEP and IGES export and JT and Autodesk Inventor import.

Version 3 is a major release using Brep technology for higher accuracy and the ability to stitch together discontinuities in the geometry of forms such as cylinders, toroids and cones, producing significant advantages in volume calculations, draft angle checking and edge detection.

64-bit technology further increases speed of operation, while recognition of edges and faces intelligently interprets CAD data, enabling models and STL files to be imported and rationalized into entities that can be easily measured and analyzed. New dimensioning functions allow the positioning of text and the ability to find items such as mid and center points along the wire frame geometry.

Further enhancements include the ability to open several models in the same WorkXPlore 3D session, apply compound transformations to imported geometry and display different types of surface such as concave, convex, planar and cylindrical. The edge recognition gives additional benefits so that engineers can view and analyze sharp and smooth edges on the component making it easier to interrogate the model or series of models ready for manufacture. A new library of surface textures adds to the imaging capabilities of the software.

Free 30 day download versions of the software in both 32 and 64-bit versions are available making it possible for engineers to try the new functionality for themselves, using a full set of free online tutorials.

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