SD3D Acquires Printelize

SD3D Printing and Printelize announced that they have entered into an agreement under which SD3D will acquire Printelize. SD3D plans to continue services for existing clients and continue to advance the 3D printing sales automation platform.

Printelize is Polish based company created to bring companies closer to 3D printing technology and the possibilities it offers. The e-commerce platform Printelize Marketplace allows 3D printer owners and service providers from around the world can offer free quotes and the ability to place an order with ease.

SD3D has been using the Printelize platform to provide automated estimates and order placement for our clients. Over the next several months, the Printelize platform will be integrated into SD3D’s technology portfolio which is working hard to automate the entire 3D printing industry.

SD3D will be continuing services to current Printelize customers, so there should be no hiccup in services. There are numerous updates that will be happening over the next couple of months that should make this service even more useful and user friendly. This will not only allow for SD3D’s technology to advance quicker, but will create even more value for those currently using the auto quoting tool for their business.

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