Sculpteo Raises 2 Million Euros in Funding

By welcoming XAnge as a shareholder, Sculpteo, the pioneer in 3D printing, accelerates its growth and international deployment. Founded in 2009, the French start-up positions itself as the international reference for 3D printing, a sector which is being completely revolutionized and will generate a turnover of over 5 billion US $ in 2020.

Sculpteo is a 3D printing software engine in the Cloud. The company was created at the end of 2009 by the founding team of Inventel, a French company which was sold to Thomson in 2007. Sculpteo positions itself as the ‘3D printing partner’ for e-commerce sites, which have high traffic levels. Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service enables users to generate and convert digital files into real objects, made thanks to the three-dimensional technology. This new kind of manufacturing enables people to customize everyday objects, and not only mass-produced identical objects.

In 2012, Sculpteo unveiled the first ever 3D printing mobile applications for consumers which enable people to create, make and receive a unique and bespoke object thanks to 3D printing and cloud technology. In January 2013 Sculpteo will receive the prestigious Best of CES Innovations Award for its mobile application at the Consumers Electronics Show-Las Vegas in the mobile application and software category, ahead of thousands of mobile applications.

By offering bespoke objects for consumers instead of mass-produced goods, Sculpteo shows how its business model relocalizes manufacturing close to end-users and is the pioneer for the new industrial revolution announced by The Economist. With its 3D printing Cloud Engine ‘Sculpteo 3D printing Cloud Engine’ Sculpteo’s goal is to become the ‘PayPal’ of online 3D printing and multiply its e-commerce partners which will integrate its technology.

XAnge, via its FCPI invests 1 million euros in Sculpteo, alongside business angels and its founders who have matched it with the same amount, amounting to a total increase in capital of 2 million euros.

These funds will enable Sculpteo to reinforce its sales, pursue the development of a range of product features and to leverage its presence in the US.

Clément Moreau, Sculpteo CEO: “We have demonstrated how this technology, which until now has been only used by professionals, is now a technology which is accessible to consumers. It enables us to surpass the time of mass-manufacturing to a new period in which mass-customization completely revolutionizes the manufacturing process with a new localization of industrial tools”.

Eric Carreel, Sculpteo President: “The internet and the democratization of Smartphones have opened up the many possibilities 3D printing can offer. Innovative major players such as Sculpteo invent a new manufacturing process which completely disrupts people’s preconceptions.”

“We are convinced that 3D printing has the potential to become a large market” says Cyril Bertrand, Partner at XAnge. “But above all, it’s a strategic decision to develop a software technology in the cloud rather than trying to capture a potential target audience which motivated our decision to invest”.

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