Sandvik Coromant Launches Global Graphene Challenge

Making headlines in science and manufacturing circles for its amazing properties, graphene is a remarkable new material with boundless possibilities. On a mission to discover who can realize the full potential of graphene, Sandvik Coromant has initiated a global competition for individuals to submit ideas of how the application of graphene could be utilized in a way that would revolutionize the modern household.

What is graphene?

From the earliest of times, materials have governed the way humans live. Whether it is rock, metal or composites, civilizations have been influenced by the materials that exist around them. Graphene is a promising new material made up of strongly bonded layers of carbon atoms. It is one million times thinner than paper and two hundred times stronger than steel. Application possibilities include water purification, energy storage, household goods, computers and other electronics. Discovered almost by accident, professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov from the University of Manchester were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their graphene research in 2010.

About the Competition

Sandvik Coromant will consider all entries from high end industrial design to everyday useable items, beginning on April 7, 2016. Participants are asked to submit ideas based around household objects that highlight how they could be improved with the use of graphene as a next-generation, innovative and sustainable material. Whether the submission is environmentally-friendly, energy efficient, comes from recycled materials or can lower emissions, the possibilities are endless. The winner of the Graphene Challenge will be invited to Sandvik Coromant’s headquarters in Sandviken, Sweden to meet with industry professionals and to learn more about the promise of graphene.

Importance of Education

As a company continuously striving to develop, we’re committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of engineers. For this reason, Sandvik Coromant is launching the Graphene Challenge to inspire tomorrow’s engineers to explore their imaginations, and more specifically to find ways that graphene could be used innovatively and sustainably in a modern home.

According to David Goulbourne, Manager of Research and Development at Sandvik Coromant, “The material science of graphene provides us and future generations new and innovative opportunities to enhance a variety of aspects in our daily lives. We are excited to sponsor this challenge to discover who can conceptualize an idea using graphene that could potentially improve and change our way of living.”

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