Inside 3D Printing Düsseldorf 2018

Inside 3D Printing is back in Düsseldorf from February 21-22, 2018. With thousands of visitors Inside 3D Printing has become one of the leading B2B conferences for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Two days of packed programs and three conference tracks with more than 50 sessions ensure maximum knowledge transfer and networking.

The media hype has made 3D printing an omnipresent theme. Inside 3D Printing however makes additive manufacturing the center of attention and focuses on the latest commercial innovations, today’s enormous efforts in research, the development of technologies and equipment, as well as the application and integration into a complete product realization process. All stakeholders of additive manufacturing are addressed by Inside 3D Printing.

One highlight for this year’s program is the Keynote with Dr. Phil Reeves from Stratasys – 3D Printing – A global Perspective to Business Adoption and Value Creation.

In this keynote, Dr. Reeves will discuss how 3D printing is being used globally by companies to drive both top-line sales growth and to drive bottom-line business profitability. He will discuss the business drivers to 3D printing adoption, including low volume supply chain realignment, design optimization and increased functionality, resource efficiency manufacturing and product personalization.

Another highlight is the Keynote with Prof. Thierry Rayna from École Polytechnique – Beyond the Hype: How to Make 3D Printing Mainstream?

3D printing/Additive Manufacturing has been so hyped the past few years that it would be easy to forget that it is a 30-year old set of technologies—barely 10 years younger than the now ubiquitous PC. While 3D Printing has undoubtedly gained ground, and has arguably become a cornerstone of some industries, it still remains to this day a niche manufacturing technology.

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