Realize Inc. Announces RealCool Finishing Process

Whether it's a flame design on a video game console or a wood grain look for a laptop, sometimes a product or prototype just needs some pizzazz to capture people's attention. Companies like Realize Inc. help companies create such engaging products through custom finishing services that result in unique eye-catching designs.

"We have been looking for ways to make our models look more production-like to meet the demands of some of our clients," said Realize President Todd Reese. "With RealCool, we can accomplish this and so much more. The process allows for an almost endless combination of visually stunning aesthetics that can be applied to nearly any surface."

Realize recently expanded its custom finishing services with the introduction of its RealCool finishing process, which involves applying patterns to three-dimensional rapid prototypes or existing products. RealCool can be used to enhance Stereolithography (SLA) models and cast urethane models, as well as other plastics, metal, wood and glass.

RealCool finishing can allow an ordinary plastic prototype model to be completely transformed into a part that looks like a real production piece. Realize has already had opportunities with many types of existing products such as video game consoles, sports equipment, laptop computers, smartphone cases and much more from clients just wanting a unique and custom appearance on their personal gear. Customers can choose from hundreds of patterns such as carbon fiber, metal, wood and camouflage.

"We've heard a lot of 'Wow!' in response to the projects we've done to date, including a miniature wood-grain table, a camouflaged projectile, a brushed metal bicycle component, and even a few tricked out phone cases for some local school children," Reese said. "We are really excited by the possibilities the RealCool process brings to the table, plus we can provide the customized, low quantity option that is often hard to find."

Founded in 1999, Indiana-based Realize creates customized rapid prototypes of products for clients in numerous industries, including biomedical, aerospace and electronics. Services include Stereolithography, RTV molding and Cast Urethane Models, and Custom Finishing and Painting.

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