Rapidform Updates World Class 3D Scan Data Processing Tool

INUS Technology, world leader in 3D scanning software, is pleased to announce today the latest release of its turn-key Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3D scanning application development. The updated version of Rapidform.dll™ enables developers to rapidly deploy industry-proven point, mesh and surfacing functions into their own software products with minimal effort.

“This new release of Rapidform.dll adds many great features found in Rapidform XOR and XOS,” said Michelle Baek, Rapidform.dll Business Development Manager. “We are committed to arming 3D application developers with powerful tools that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing software, to reduce their development time so they can focus on providing world-class 3D scanning solutions.”

The latest version of Rapidform.dll focuses on making mesh operations easier and more powerful. The SDK now includes Rapidform’s advanced rewrap, adaptive remeshing and curvature flow improvement algorithms, making mesh optimization easier than ever. INUS Technology has spent more than a decade creating and refining point cloud and mesh processing tools to deliver great results from any type of 3D scanner. With Rapidform.dll, third party developers can take advantage of this expertise and integrate the technology into their own apps.

New features in the SDK include:
# Mesh topology improvement tools
# Mesh editing capabilities, such as mesh Boolean operations and mesh cutting
# Advanced triangle normal repair (to fix common issues with mesh direction)
# User interface APIs for large point cloud and mesh display and selection tools

In addition to the extensive point cloud, mesh and NURBS surface capabilities found in Rapidform.dll, there is also a set of APIs for dental and prosthodontic design from 3D scan data. Developers can create customized dental CAD programs that enable prosthesis design specific to each patient. Great fit, natural appearance and improved aesthetics are all enabled by Rapidform.dll Dental. Ms. Baek remarked that “Rapidform.dll Dental is a superset of the standard SDK that makes developing custom applications for coping, pontic, crown, bridge and custom abutment design fast and easy.”

Learn more and request an evaluation version of the SDK at: www.rapidform.com/products/rapidform-dll. Additional technical information is available at the new Rapidform.dll Customer Service site: dllsupport.rapidform.com. This site has been improved with a community forum, which allows users to interact with Rapidform.dll developers and access rich development resources including sample code.

Rapidform.dll will be offered for a limited time for academic and commercial use at a discounted price along with other benefits from 1 Oct – 30 Nov, 2011.

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