rp+m annouces addition of Objet Connex500 machine

rapid prototype and manufacturing (rp+m), located in Avon Lake, Ohio, is receiving their first Objet machine.  Next week rp+m, a product development and prototyping company, is expanding their capabilities by purchasing Objet’s largest build machine, the Objet Connex500.  With this 3D printer, rp+m will be able to simulate an overmold or 2 shot process using Objet’s hard and soft touch material as well as run up to 14 materials in a single build.

rp+m is a sister company of Thogus, an engineering company whose expertise is in plastic injection molding.  rp+m became it’s own entity in 2011 due to the growing demand of rapid prototyping.   With a team of mechanical and biomedical engineers, rp+m can also provide product design, quality and regulatory services.


  • largest build envelope (19.7 in. X 15.7 in. X 7.9 in.)
  • run up to 14 materials in one build
  • soft touch material
  • simulate overmold or 2 shot process
  • near water clear material
  • quick build times (.75 in./ hour / per strip)
  • very high resolution and accuracy


  • animation & entertainment
  • architecture
  • automotive
  • consumer electronics
  • consumer goods
  • defense
  • dental
  • educational
  • hearing Aid
  • industrial machinery
  • jewelry
  • medical
  • medical equipment
  • sporting Goods
  • toys

For more information, visit: www.rpplusm.com


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