TCT + Personalize Asia Will Return to Shanghai in 2016

The inaugural TCT + Personalize Asia event took place at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing on March 12–14, 2015.

Nearly 10,000 visitors attended over the three days of the event, attracted by more than 80 exhibiting companies and over 30 leading speakers in the TCT Asia Summit. Visitors were drawn from across industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer products to see diverse exhibitors covering every aspect of the 3D technologies ecosystem.

TCT + Personalize Asia is a joint venture between VNU Exhibitions Asia (VNUEA) and Rapid News Communications Group (RNCG). Duncan Wood, COO at RNCG commented: “We are thrilled with the success of TCT + Personalize Asia and welcome the positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike. As the first TCT exhibition outside of the UK we were hopeful that the strength of the long-established TCT brand coupled with the local events expertise of VNU would create three days of real value for all involved — and we were right! We look forward to returning to Shanghai again in 2016.”

David Zhong, President of VNUEA stated: “We have established a range of world-class show brands in China together with our international partners, TCT + Personalize Asia proves to be another success. In this year's government work report, China's State Council pledged to boost the implementation of the "China Manufacturing 2025" strategy alongside an "Internet Plus" plan. Intelligent manufacturing would shift China from a big manufacturing country to a strong one. We can see the huge market of 3D Printing, additive manufacturing and all other intelligent technologies in China.”

TCT + Personalize Asia 2016 will take place again at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing on March 10–12, 2016. The second edition will build on the strong debut with up to 40% more net floor space available to exhibiting companies and a structured plan to grow visitorship by at least the same level.

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