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Thursday, 16 August 2012 09:30

Protos Eyewear Launches Full Line of Eyewear

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Protos, a San Francisco-based company, launched its first collection of 3D printed sunglasses. In a region abundant with software tech magnates, they've proven technology can also be used to make ground-breaking eyewear.

Protos offers designs that can only be made by leveraging the most cutting edge software and 3D printing technology. Though many have claimed to do so, they are one of only a small handful of companies that have created something refined enough to truly be sold as a usable, lasting product. Each pair of sunglasses purchased from Protos is produced via laser sintering, which builds each frame layer by layer of material. The properties of this intricate layering process are leveraged to result in bold and striking designs that are unachievable through standard manufacturing methods.

This first collection showcases the realm of possibilities with 3D printing. The debut line includes the Hal Pixel, which has gained praise and recognition from the industrial design community.

"Protos Eyewear [is] a radically different approach to eyewear that opens the frontiers to limitless fun," says Phnam Bagley, Founder and Design Director at Eternal Luxe. Protos will soon offer custom eyewear with a tailored fit based on an individual's facial measurements and dimensions.

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