Introducing the Portabee 3D Printer

The Portabee is the first conveniently portable 3D printer in the world. Easily collapsible in a matter of seconds it fits into a laptop bag and produces real world 3D objects out of plastic that smells like waffles.

The Portabee frame simply clips on and off for transportation. The machine relies on a laptop power supply, some filament material (plastic to be printed) and a laptop computer to function.

Portabee Specifications:

  • 120x120x120mm build volume
  • T2.5 New! 2GT (GT2) belts and machined pulleys
  • Full linear bearings on all axes
  • All stainless steel hardware where applicable, hardened steel linear rods (smooth rods)
  • Single board solution Gen6.d electronics with integrated fan and SD card support
  • Heated platform (printbed) included as standard
  • Uses common, tried and tested Ø 3mm* feedstock filament, commonly PLA and ABS materials
  • 0.5mm standard nozzle

The Portabee aims to provide an excellent printing platform that is simple, robust and portable. These are the three areas that we worked towards during the engineering phase and we beleive we have improved upon the state of the art in these areas. The clipping mechanisms of the Portabee allows you to take apart and re-assemble the machine in seconds, while maintaining the machine calibration.

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