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Thursday, 06 September 2012 10:50

Poly-Nova Completes Phase 1 Expansion & Renovation

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Poly-Nova Technologies Limited Partnership (PNT-LP) has just completed Phase One of their facility transformation, which includes new ENGEL injection molding machinery, robots, upstream and downstream automation, a new prototype and material development lab and major building renovations.

The completion of Phase One brings Poly-Nova’s new corporate philosophy to the forefront:  to bring higher efficiencies and quality to their customers through standardization and automation.

To enable these higher efficiencies and savings, Poly-Nova has:

  • Added new high efficiency ENGEL injection molding machines, built to meet the corporate technical standards used globally, and providing the company with machines that meet the high technological standards of their existing molding processes and add energy saving benefits.  The high quality ENGEL machine controller provides better process control, which leads to a higher quality and lower cost part.  And the machines have been equipped with a dual material feed system which eliminates downtime for material changes.

  • Established a new prototype and material development lab to meet the growing demand for prototyping.  The new facility has been equipped to allow as close to production variables as possible within in the prototyping space -- true production intent prototyping.  New lab scale molding machinery has been added to the lab in support of these increased prototype requirements.
    • The lab is also an R&D development space, where in-house engineering staff performs material formulation and development – a service extremely unique to Poly-Nova and not typically available outside a material supply house.

  • Renovated the building with energy efficient lighting, and added a bus system for all electrical and process services to allow quick and efficient machine installations.

The new injection molding machinery will be used for the molding of both homogenous rubber parts and insert over-molded parts.  All molding technology used in conjunction with these machines will be wasteless / flashless – a specialty of Poly-Nova’s – which eliminates inconsistencies in typical molding processes, provides minimal material waste, and supplies both quality and cost saving benefits,   Flashless molding is extremely valuable when working with high performance elastomers such as the fluorosilicones and fluorocarbons that are a large part of Poly-Nova’s business.

With the new molding equipment, Poly-Nova is able to standardize their processes, improving overall cost effectiveness, and allowing them to be even more competitive in the global market.

Poly-Nova are also in the process of updating their quality management system from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO/TS 16949, a process which should be complete by early in the fourth quarter of 2012.

As a global provider of custom rubber expertise, Poly-Nova Technologies offers customers a wide variety services that lead to a solution specifically tailored to their application needs.  With elastomer  and liquid silicone molding processes including insert over-molding and bonding, wasteless/flashless molding, cold runner and valve-gate technologies, combined with in-house engineering capabilities in material development, product design and prototyping, Poly-Nova are committed to making better, more effective technical rubber components for your company.

For more information, visit: www.poly-nova.com

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