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Paragon Rapid Technologies has recently partnered with RP Platform to offer customers a new way to order 3D printed components online. The partnership represents the latest stage in Paragon’s move to streamline the ordering process for 3D printed prototypes and deliver the quickest possible turnaround times.

The new online ordering process is well-suited to smaller, agile projects, allowing customers to upload their files directly, after which they will receive a quick, accurate quotation. If they wish to place an order, the platform will automatically check the quality of the data and prepare the request for Paragon’s production team. The whole process typically takes less than five minutes.

This method of taking orders online has allowed Paragon’s production and project management teams to further optimize their time and resources, delivering smaller, more straightforward 3D printing projects quickly, with no compromise in quality. At the same time, the platform offers customers the option of uploading their files and arranging a call with one of Paragon’s experts, helping deliver a more efficient quotation/ordering process for larger, more complex projects.

Paragon’s Commercial Director, Ian Jobling, had this to say about the new partnership:

"Customers are developing new products faster than ever and Paragon plays a fundamental part in making this even slicker. We have listened to our customers and acted quickly to save them time. Our customers no longer need to wait for a quote and can order basic 3D prints online in just a few clicks."

RP Platform Founder and CEO Keyvan Karimi commented:

“We’ve had a strong working relationship with Paragon for some time now, and this partnership is a logical development of that. We’ve enjoyed working with the Paragon team to ensure the platform has been tailored to them and their customers’ requirements. We’re already looking at new ways to expand the platform’s capabilities to cover the full range of services offered by Paragon, so there should be more exciting developments in the near future.”

UK rapid prototyping company Paragon Rapid Technologies has underlined its company-wide commitment to delivering superior parts for its customers by achieving ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for its Quality Management System.

The successful review carried out by third-party auditor QMS International Ltd. certifies that Paragon is capable of meeting or exceeding the expectations of its customers through the provision of rapid prototyping, model making and low volume production components and assemblies for a wide range of industries, including the Automotive, Medical and Oil and Gas.

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard with a focus on supplying products and services of the highest quality. Paragon prides itself on its technical expertise and strong reputation for delivering superior customer service and achieving the accreditation is testament to this. Paragon’s Quality manager David Hamm, who facilitated the certification process, said:

“Gaining this certification represents the next phase of Paragon’s commercial strategy, as we strive to be the product development partner of choice. We’ll continue to roll out business improvement policies like this to support our ambitious growth plans and ensure Paragon remains at the forefront of the prototyping industry.”

Paragon is committed to investing in new technology and innovations that will further improve our capabilities. This achievement follows the recent introduction of a portable CMM machine, which allows Paragon to maintain its product quality through digital verification. Using the state of the art FaroArm, Paragon can carry out 3D part inspections and reverse engineer products where CAD data is insufficient.

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