Optomec to Showcase Aerosol Jet Systems For Printed Electronics at SEMICON West

Optomec announced today that the Company will showcase its Aerosol Jet Deposition system for Printed Electronics at SEMICON West at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California from July 12-14.  Optomec will be located in the Extreme Electronics TechZone, South Hall, booth # 2444.   The Extreme Electronics TechZone highlights technology that focuses around design and manufacturing solutions for emerging and adjacent microelectronics markets including high-brightness LEDs and solid state lighting, MEMS, flexible and printed electronics, and other nano-scale technologies.

Aerosol Jet systems have the unique ability to produce a wide range of electronic, structural and biological patterns onto almost any substrate. The proprietary process, which is completely different from ink jet, utilizes aerodynamic focusing to precisely deliver fluid and nano-material formulations that as required can be optionally post-treated with a highly focused laser or other sintering methods. The resulting patterns can have features that are less than 10 microns wide, with layer thicknesses from 10's of nanometers to several microns. A recently announced Aerosol Jet Wide Nozzle print head is also available which enables efficient patterning of millimeter scale conductive features (bus bars, backplanes), large area thin film coatings, and selective coatings (insulators, cross-over circuits, encapsulation). Example applications for Aerosol Jet Wide Nozzle deposition capabilities are fuel cells, conformal antennae and Molded Interconnect Devices.

Earlier this month, Optomec also announced the availability of the Aerosol Jet Marathon Series for high volume printed electronics manufacturing. The Marathon Series represents the next generation of Aerosol Jet Printhead technology and sets a new performance standard for fine feature printed electronics and wide area coating applications. The 3 nozzle Marathon Series print module is available now with additional configurations, including a 10 nozzle and 3MM wide nozzle available soon.  Marathon Series print modules can be configured on standalone Aerosol Jet systems or on Aerosol Jet Print Engines used for integration with 3rd party automation systems.  More information on the new Aerosol Jet print modules will be available in the exhibit booth.

Optomec is the world-leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance applications in the Electronics, Solar, Medical, and Aerospace & Defense markets. These systems utilize Optomec's patented Aerosol Jet printed electronics technology and LENS powder-metal fabrication technology. The company has a global customer base of more than 100 users that includes many industry-leading manufacturers.

For more information, visit: www.optomec.com or www.semiconwest.org

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