Free Reference Document Covers the Fundamentals of Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Companies interested in adopting ultrasonic cleaning to reduce the time, labor and costs associated with cleaning parts and equipment can learn more about the technology’s fundamentals with a free technical document, “Get To Know Ultrasonic Cleaners,” from Omegasonics.

The comprehensive guide presents technical concepts using charts, video and photographs to give readers insight on how ultrasonic cleaning works, its effectiveness, and benefits. Included topics cover the ultrasonic process, transducers and generators, cleaning procedures and solutions, types of contaminants, design considerations, types of cleaning units, and more.

“Ultrasonic technology is effective and safe for cleaning a wide range of parts, equipment and materials in virtually any industry, from steel, titanium and aluminum components to large hydraulic systems and engines, firearms, ceramics and plastics,” said Frank Pedeflous, president of Omegasonics. “Ultrasonic cleaning for 3D printed parts, in particular, is growing considerably.” he said. “This document is a valuable tool for those who want to understand the technology behind ultrasonic cleaning’s proven advantages.”

Omegasonics, a global manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, designs and manufactures a complete line of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems, biodegradable cleaning agents, supplies and accessories.

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