3D Digital Dental Acquires Objet Eden260V

Objet Ltd., announced today that the Objet Eden260V is the printer of choice for a new South African company 3D Digital Dental. Objet’s 3D printing systems can provide the dental profession and their patient’s access to cutting edge technology for rapidly manufacturing dental requirements, such as stone models and surgical guides 3D printed in bio-compatible material. The Objet Eden260V was named Dental Lab Products Magazine’s “Best of the Best Products” list for 2011.

Avi Cohen, Head of Medical Solutions at Objet, explains: “3D Digital Dental will provide a 3D print bureau service for dentists needing to print models for customers. Dental labs who are digital with CAD/CAM but require models for end process and final checking prior to shipping to their dentists will also derive benefit from this bureau.”

3D Digital Dental, based in Rosebank, Johannesburg, is the brainchild of Dr. Dharmesh Mistry, a practicing orthodontist. The company will provide a model printing service to dental technicians and dentists who need models for crowns and bridges. In addition, the Objet 3D Printer will be used to create orthodontic appliances, retainers and removal appliances.

“By having the Objet 3D Printer in-house, we will not only reduce time by eliminating the need to create plaster models, but will free up time to focus on more important tasks involving treatment planning,” says Dr. Mistry. “In addition to traditional uses, we will also be able to fabricate surgical stents and models in bio compatible material, which can be used for training purposes in implant courses, amongst others. We are very excited about this purchase and look forward to reaping the rewards in a very short space of time – not only from a financial perspective but also from time saved, which increases productivity and profitability.”

3D Digital Dental customers are not limited to dentists and orthodontists already practicing: "Dental and Medical schools will also benefit as they can now create cost effective models for their educational courses," Objet's Head of Medical Solutions, Avi Cohen, says, "not to mention the field of Craniofacial Surgery, which will benefit from being able to create models in order to treatment plan, teach and train students how to perform procedures or generate models from CT scans for surgical planning."

“With this purchase of our first 3D Printer we aim to be a partner for the dental and medical industries,” Dr. Mistry adds. “In addition we are well positioned to service requirements into sub Saharan Africa as well. Our ultimate goal is to expand in the future and purchase more machines to best serve the industry’s burgeoning requirements.”

For more information, visit: www.objetdental.com

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